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November 30, 2016

How to Add Hiberation to the Power Options in Windows 10 Transcript Okay, everybody, here's how you can add Hibernate to the list of power options in Windows 10, in case it's missing. You can also use the same steps to remove it, of course. So Windows 10 has a number of power options: Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart. These are all pretty well known by people. What you need to know about Hibernate is that it's kind of like Sleep, except it does not keep it in a low power state, it actually shuts down. So Hibernate will take the computer offline, but it will also save the exact state you were in, all the windows, you had opened, all the files you were working on, whatever, it will actually save them to the hard…
November 25, 2016

How to Change the Default Homepage and Search Engine in Internet Explorer 11 Transcript In this video, I'll be showing you how to change the homepage and the default search engine in Internet Explorer 11. Now, while I am using IE 11, keep in mind that these steps may work in IE 10, or even IE 9. Alright, so the first thing that happens when I launch Internet Explorer is typically I get hit in the face with MSN. MSN is a very busy website, and some people like it, but me, personally, the first thing I want to do is get this monstrosity out of my face. So to do that, I have to first click the gear button in the top right, I'm just gonna zoom it so you can see it here: tools. So…
November 24, 2016

How to Free Up Space In Dropbox (What to Do When Your Dropbox is Full) Description The WinDirStat video Download WinDirStat here: Dropbox "Get Space" page: (Make sure you log in first) Transcript Alright, so this is definitely one of the most popular questions I get asked: what do you do when your Dropbox is full? There's actually two approaches to this. The first is to maximize the free space that Dropbox gives you for performing certain tasks. The second is to flat-out delete files that are using too much space in your Dropbox. I'll be exploring both of these with you. There is of course a third option, which is to pay for Pro, Dropbox Pro, I think it costs about 10 bucks a month. Alright, so the first way I'm going to show you involves…
November 23, 2016

How to Recover Windows That Are Stuck Offscreen (2 Solutions) Transcript Hi everybody. Today I'll be showing you what to do when you encounter a window in Windows that is stuck offscreen. And by that I mean you can't actually open it, but you do see it in the taskbar. So no matter what you do, you can't actually make it pop up. All you have to do is hold shift over the taskbar icon, and then right-click, and here you'll have some options. The option you're interested in is Move, second one from the top. So you click move, and as soon as you've done that, you can kind of, like, let go of the mouse and keyboard. You should press one of the arrow keys, doesn't matter which one, in this case…
November 22, 2016

How to Open Multiple Instances/Windows of Notepad++ Description Never heard of Notepad++? Transcript In this video, I'll be showing you how to open multiple instances of Notepad++. That is, multiple windows. By default, when you double-click on the shortcut, you'll get one window. Double-click again, still one window. The reason is of course that there are tabs, so the program doesn't the logic in opening multiple copies of itself. But of course there are cases where this could be useful. In this particular case, I have two files, list a, list b. To view one, I have to hide the other, so naturally, there is a benefit to having both open at the same time, and I might actually want that. To get that done, I simply need to click…
Personal Stories
November 21, 2016

Snow! Transcript Hey everyone, it's snowing outside and I'm really looking forward to going to the mountain today. I didn't plan on this snow, but it's going to be worth it, check it out. That's where I'm going. I'm on my way to the mountain now and I just overheard someone saying that they hate this weather. Why would they hate this weather? Isn't it fantastic to be hit in the face with snow? To each their own I suppose. I just came back from actually signing up for my student ID for Concordia. It makes me pretty happy and not so much because it's Concordia, not that there's anything wrong with Concordia, moreso because it's a symbol of lifelong learning. So in a few…
November 20, 2016

How to Free Up Disk Space In Windows Transcript Hello everybody. In this video I'll be showing you how to clear up hard drive space. So we've all been in this situation, we accumulate too many files and we need to clear up some space so we're able to install whatever, install a game, install some software. I'll be showing what I typically do to clear up space. Now the most basic thing you can do is if you're aware of where the largest files are on your drive you just manually go to them and delete them using Windows Explorer. But let's assume you don't know that. There's a few things you can do. Even though I'm using Windows 10, most versions of Windows that are fairly recent have this particular…
Personal Stories
November 17, 2016

The Puddle

On August 1st, 2016, I decided it was time to continue challenging myself just like I did with my two 30-day challenges in 2013. The third challenge turned out simpler than the previous two: I would bike at least 20 km (~12.4 miles) per day for thirty consecutive days. Unlike 2013, there were no other rules - no photos, no mandatory checkpoints. And, for some reason, I also decided to keep the challenge completely under the radar until I completed it. The only people that could see my progress were those that followed me on Strava, since I named my rides incrementally (Day 1, 2, etc) as I went along. And so the challenge began, and progressed without fault for two weeks. Then came day 16, a particularly rainy day. I wasn't…
Personal Stories
November 16, 2016

Despite My Fatigue, A Smile

On the night of April 9th, 2015, I collapsed onto my couch, having finished a second day of working at a job fair that took place at the Palais des Congres de Montreal. On my face, despite my fatigue, was a smile - I greatly enjoyed working at fairs. At the time, I would occasionally work job fairs for one of my corporation's clients, Champlain College Saint-Lambert. I even wrote a blog post about what they do. For those that didn't read that post, here's a quick run-down: I worked primarily with the Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) department, which fits within the realm of Continuing Education, for adults. RAC is a process that people can use to have their life and work experience recognized towards obtaining…
Personal Stories
November 13, 2016

In Pursuit of Greater Kindness

Pictured: Having a damn good time Over the years, I've had a decent amount of time to reflect on my own psychology. I've always been very big on the idea of doing no harm... put simply, I aim to have a damn good time while I'm alive, while being as kind as possible to everyone around me. Though this sounds good on paper, in the past, this mentality has caused me a significant amount of grief. The root of the problem lay within my own psychology... I cared too much (bear with me, you'll see what I mean). In the past, at the end of each day, my brain would systematically review the social interactions that had occurred, and it would identify the areas where I felt I had made mistakes... moments where I seemed…
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