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The Road To Nowhere

By March 27, 2010October 20th, 2012Humor

Due to my choice of profession, I tend to spend a lot of time using computers. Consequently, I work with a lot of applications – that means I see lots of different user interfaces. Some are good, some are bad – but every now and then, I find something in between. Sometimes, it perfectly showcases the developer’s sense of humor.

For example, here’s what the “Go To” dialog looks like in Notepad++. You can access it by pressing CTRL+G.

The Notepad++ "Go To" dialog features a button that says "I'm going nowhere", which you use to close the dialog.

The dialog features an "I'm going nowhere" button, which closes the dialog.

Not sure that’s the best design for the dialog – but I appreciated the humor.  :)

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