January 13, 2013

Is YouTube Allowing Accidental Ad Clicks By Design?

Like many creatures of the web, I've been known to watch YouTube videos every now and then. For the last year or so, I've noticed something strange going on with Google's advertising approach within YouTube. Initially, I just thought I was witnessing a mistake that their developers made, and I waited to see when they'd fix the issue. To my surprise, that day never came - so today, I'm going to describe the problem, as I perceive it. Let's start with a screenshot: An example of the pre-roll ads that appear on YouTube, with a countdown. Notice the message to the bottom right? It says "you can skip to video in," and then has a countdown, in seconds. There's nothing wrong with such an approach…
July 11, 2011

Understanding the Balloon

Every now and then, I find myself watching videos on YouTube. Usually, my intentions are very clear-cut - I want to watch a specific video, or check for new releases from one of my subscriptions. However, because of the way the site is designed, I sometimes find myself wandering from video to video, occasionally ending up pretty far from my origin. Today, I'd like to share one video I just-so-happened to stumble upon. The video features a cat named Nashville who is trying to understand a balloon, and was uploaded by a user named Myystical1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hEXcmDA_Lk The video itself is cute, but aside from that, is fairly ordinary considering everything else that exists on YouTube. That is, until you read the description: Basically, this is a…
June 10, 2011

One Way to Defeat YouTube Spoilers

For a while, the concept of a spoiler was fairly new to me. I knew exactly what it meant, but had never really seen what damage they could do firsthand. Then, in college, I once accidentally revealed a critical plot twist in the Max Payne 2 storyline. My friend's disappointed reaction was enough to burn the moment in my mind, ensuring that I would never slip up again. I began to be extremely conscious about what I said, knowing that any information revealed on my part might impede the person's ability to fully enjoy the media. Currently, there are numerous solutions to help people deal with spoilers online - but the one I'd like to share today tailors specifically to YouTube videos. Meet NoSpoiler.com - feed…