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March 9, 2012

Thoughts On Cross Browser Testing (And a Tool to Simplify the Process)

If I were asked to identify one primary annoyance associated with a web development career path, it'd be the abundance of browser inconsistencies. From the consumer's point of view, the web is an endless source of content, and they are given the ability explore that world. Browsers permit such exploration, but the resulting experience depends on a multitude of factors, most of them transparent to the consumer. There's an organization known as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and their entire goal in life is to ensure the long term growth of the Internet. In accordance with this objective, the W3C took the time to define standards for the core technologies they created, such as HTML and CSS. Yet, the reality is that browser developers don't…
Personal Stories
August 1, 2011

Google AdSense: Banned for Life?

Back when I was a 19 year-old college student and still living with my parents, I was really enthusiastic about video games. So much, in fact, that I felt the need to create a clan, website and all. At the time, we went by the name "Infamous Butchers", also known as Team IB. Yeah, I was pretty serious about it... it all seems somewhat silly today. After a while, I decided I would put advertisements on the website, in an effort to support the team. Naturally, I looked to the most recommended service, AdSense, as offered by Google. I signed up, and despite how small the site was, I received a confirmation e-mail a couple days later. Shortly thereafter, I had the advertisements working as expected, and for…
July 28, 2011

Detained While Reporting Spam in Livemocha

Ah, yes, Livemocha. If you haven't heard, Livemocha is a site that allows you to learn languages with the help of a community. While it does offer exercises and quizzes that are similar to Rosetta Stone, the most powerful feature is the fact that other users review your submissions. That alone is worthy of a recommendation, so check it out if you haven't already. The community support goes a long way towards motivating a person, and also ensures only native speakers of a language are the ones reviewing. This idea is a very powerful one, but unfortunately, the interface that they offer - the website - is flawed in many ways. Today, I'd like to share my experiences with one of these flaws, which, in my…
April 16, 2011

Online Coupons With Coupon Chief

Historically, I've always used RetailMeNot for my coupon code needs, as I knew of no viable alternatives. When Coupon Chief contacted me to know if I would review their site, I was glad to agree - after all, competition always tends to produce better products, overall. Before I continue, I want to be clear about the fact that Coupon Chief is paying me to write the review below. Despite their sponsorship, rest assured - the review represents my own honest, unbiased opinion. Presentation My first impression of their website was a positive one, thanks to a very clean design, and no visible ads. The content featured on the main page is well placed, and represents what I think will be the most practical shortcuts for users.…
February 3, 2011

Coupon Codes Made Easy

As a guy who makes a good number of online purchases, I've grown familiar with the concept of coupon codes. Like their physical equivalents, coupon codes can be applied while checking out of certain stores, allowing customers to benefit from reduced prices. Unfortunately, online coupons are similar to physical coupons in that you must know about them to exploit their benefits. Thankfully, I discovered a solution to that a few years ago, greatly increasing my ability to take advantage of these coupons. Meet RetailMeNot, a site that encourages users to share coupon codes with the world. In the past, I was rarely able to partake in the coupon code mechanisms offered by retailers. RetailMeNot changed the game by introducing the possibility of searching for codes…
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