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Tips & Tricks
May 8, 2011

Pasting Text Without Formatting In Google Chrome

As part of my regular use of Gmail, I often find myself pasting text from web into my e-mails. Since the Gmail editor supports rich-text, pasting generally includes the formating, which, most of the time, simply does not make sense within the e-mail. For years, I have been using a trick to get around this - one which involved using the almighty Windows Notepad. By simply pasting the text into Notepad, and then copying it from there, I make sure the formating is not brought over. This works because Notepad itself does not support formating. As useful as this trick is, I often found myself wondering whether there were better options available. A few days ago, as I was writing an e-mail to a prospective client, I…
December 23, 2010

Working with Tab Stacks in Opera 11

Long ago, Opera used to be my browser of choice. I eventually migrated to Firefox, and now Google Chrome. It was always obvious to me that some of Chrome's features were highly influenced by Opera. Since Opera 11 was recently released with an intriguing new feature called "tab stacking", I thought I'd go over how it works. Consider this scenario: I have five tabs open. Let's assume I was working on a research project that somehow involved Beluga whales, sharks, and trout.  At the same time, the two remaining tabs have both my webpage, and my blog loaded. The underwater project has nothing to do with my personal website or blog, so I will use tab stacking to merge those three related tabs into one.…
Tips & Tricks
December 13, 2010

Tab Management Shortcuts in Google Chrome

When I use a browser, I typically focus on using keyboard shortcuts, rather than the user interface. Since I've been using Google Chrome so often, I thought I would reveal the shortcuts that I've been using. Most of these shortcuts should work in other browsers as well, whether natively, or through the use of extensions. CTRL + T Opens a new tab in the current window. CTRL + SHIFT + T Opens the most recently closed tab. Chrome will actually remember the last ten tabs you closed, and work its way back in time with repeated keypresses. CTRL + W or CTRL + F4 Closes a tab in the current window. If you close the last remaining tab, the window will close as well. CTRL…
Tips & Tricks
December 6, 2010

Drag-and-Drop Downloads in Google Chrome

Here's a tip for all Google Chrome users out there. By now, you've probably all seen how Chrome treats downloads differently than other browsers. As soon as you download a file, a bar will appear at the bottom of that particular tab, allowing easy access to the file. In doing so, it also saves space by only showing what is immediately relevant for each individual tab. You can use controls in that bar to locate the file in Windows, or even view your full list of downloads. I've personally always used the "Show in folder" option, as this brings me exactly to the file, allowing me to move it elsewhere. Usually, I end up moving it to my desktop, as I like having the files…
Tips & Tricks
November 26, 2010

Pinning Tabs in Google Chrome

Today, I discovered a feature in Google Chrome that had somehow eluded me to this date. If you right-click any tab, several contextual options will be listed. Most of these are fairly standard; however, one stands out from the rest. The "pin tab" option, once selected, will transform the current tab so that only the favicon is visible, not the text. This reduces the size of the tab, but also results in it being moved to the left-most side of the bar, as seen below: When you close Chrome, and re-open it, tabs who have been pinned will load automatically. While you could achieve a similar result by adding numerous websites to your home page list, the tab pinning approach seems better, to me.  I…
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