July 11, 2011

Understanding the Balloon

Every now and then, I find myself watching videos on YouTube. Usually, my intentions are very clear-cut - I want to watch a specific video, or check for new releases from one of my subscriptions. However, because of the way the site is designed, I sometimes find myself wandering from video to video, occasionally ending up pretty far from my origin. Today, I'd like to share one video I just-so-happened to stumble upon. The video features a cat named Nashville who is trying to understand a balloon, and was uploaded by a user named Myystical1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hEXcmDA_Lk The video itself is cute, but aside from that, is fairly ordinary considering everything else that exists on YouTube. That is, until you read the description: Basically, this is a…
Personal Stories
January 8, 2011

The Peculiar Ways Of My Cat 2

Soon after writing the first "Peculiar Ways of My Cat" post, I bought two seven foot cat towers. I figured the offering would be my best chance at preventing the critter from shredding the contents of my home. Though it wasn't completely successful, it at least proved to be partially effective. At this point in time, the towers have taken quite a beating, and may not survive for much longer. Clawed nearly beyond recognition, they offer a mere glimpse at their earlier days. Too bad, considering I originally thought of placing the cat's food bowl on the highest level. I figured it would be a good way to keep him in shape, while I would benefit from the entertainment. Having no easy way to secure…
Personal Stories
February 7, 2009

The Peculiar Ways Of My Cat

Last year, I spontaneously adopted a male kitten from a local pet shop. I'd always walked by this pet shop, but was never actively interested in getting a kitten. Having grown up with cats, they weren't anything new to me - but this particular kitten was different. His fur was blond... I had never seen a cat that color before - the ones I grew up with had been much darker. I was used to black, gray, brown, and mixes based upon those colors. So ultimately, I bought the kitten - and soon realized he was very different from other cats. First off, he isn't afraid of water - at all. In fact, he has a weird attraction to it. Whenever I turn on a…