Windows Store Error – Try That Again – Something Happened on Our End

As I went to launch the Windows Store app today, I encountered an error I’d never seen before. Here’s what I saw:

Windows Store dialog with message "Try that again - Something happened on our end and we couldn't sign you in." Further down, an error code is visible: "Code: 0xD000000D".

“Try that again – Something happened on our end and we couldn’t sign you in.”

My first instinct was to see if there were any new updates available for Windows, just in case. I quickly confirmed that I was fully up-to-date, and began to ponder what else I could check. To be safe, I verified that I could successfully log into the Microsoft website, just to confirm that I wasn’t having any authentication issues.

When these attempts failed to resolve the problem, I took to Google to try and find a solution. Unfortunately, most of the articles I found simply didn’t solve my problem. Ultimately, I figured it out, so I’m sharing my solution below.


Here’s what I did to fix the Windows Store error:

  1. I clicked the Windows start button.
  2. I typed “Troubleshoot” and pressed Enter.
  3. When the “Settings – Troubleshoot” dialog appeared, I scrolled all the way to the bottom, and clicked”Windows Store Apps.” I then pressed “Run the troubleshooter.”
  4. When the “Reset and open Windows Store” dialog appeared, I clicked the”Reset and open Windows Store” option.

After a while, the troubleshooter finished doing its thing, and Windows Store opened successfully in the background. (In my case, the troubleshooting app also said it couldn’t fix a cache issue, but since it didn’t impact my ability to use the Windows Store app, I didn’t bother look for a solution to that particular issue.)