The VMware Authorization Service is not running

When I tried to run my new Ubuntu virtual machine using the free VMware Player, I was hit with this error message:

Error while powering on: The VMware Authorization Service is not running.

Error while powering on: The VMware Authorization Service is not running.

The first thing I did was check to see if such a service was running, and, sure enough, it was.

The VMware Authorization service is clearly marked as "Started" in the Services screen.

The VMware Authorization service is clearly marked as “Started” in the service configuration screen.


After seeing this… it occurred to me: did I even launch VMware Player with administrative rights? Probably not. Sure enough, when I enabled administrative rights, the error message didn’t appear.

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  • sanjay says:

    i don’t find any Vmware Authorization Service in my services.msc

  • I couldn’t find any authorization services either…!!!

  • Matt Refghi says:

    Hmm… sorry guys, my service was there. I’m guessing you’re running something other than Windows 7. Please let me know if you figure out what the problem is, that way I can leave a message for people in your situation.

  • Maoan Zhou says:

    I had also same problem, but when right-click to “Run as administrator”, it works. In services list, I saw that the “VMware Authorization Service” is still not started.
    But vmplayer does work.

  • says:

    I experienced a similar problem while working on vista as host OS.
    Problem was not resolved even by giving administrator privilege.
    VMware player is still not working

    • Matt Refghi says:

      Sorry to hear. Please let me know if you find a solution, that way others in the same situation will find the answer here.

  • Josh says:

    I had the same VMware problem in MS Vista, all you need to do is right-click the icon and click ‘Run As Administrator’.

    I hope this helps.

  • Durai says:

    Thanks a lot…it worked for me… I just started the service.

  • ตั้ม says:

    thank a lot!!!

  • hayat says:

    i have win 7 ultimate. i installed the vmware 7 on it ,after installation computer restarted and give blue screen memory dumping error. and restarted.i run computer by “Last good known configuration” i check the services ,these services were removed
    vmware dhcp services
    vmwarenat services
    vmware authorization services
    vmware agent services
    vmware agent services
    vmware usb arbitration services
    just virtual disk was remain.when i try to run vmware i show the message vmware authorization services and i does not work.

    • Matt Refghi says:

      Hi Hayat,

      Before I attempt to help you with this, I want it to be clear that I am not experienced with VMware. While I do have a few ideas from reading your comment, they are simply based on my own personal experience with software.

      “Last Known Good Configuration” makes changes to the system in an effort to recover Windows to working functionality. It behaves much like System Restore, except you are unable to undo the changes it decided to make. Here’s some more information about it.

      It sounds like booting in that mode damaged the VMware installation; without those services, I doubt anything will work. I suggest running a repair, if available, or, you can try removing it altogether, and reinstalling it. This can be done through the Programs and Features utility built into Windows.

      I’m not sure why you get a blue screen, but maybe it isn’t related – reinstalling would be an interesting test. If it happens again, try avoiding the “Last Known Good Configuration” until you have no other choice. If you’ve already tried this, and you’re sure the blue screen happens because of VMware, you may want to contact the VMware guys for support.

      If you want, you can also look into getting the blue screen’s .dmp file analyzed. You can do this yourself using an application from Microsoft. In the past, it has allowed me to determine that my video drivers were causing blue screens. With that knowledge, I was able to update my drivers, correcting the issue. Here’s a Microsoft article that explains more.

  • hayat says:

    please answer me

  • Ppctech Info says:

    simply just right click and change it to automatic


  • A name says:

    The advice at vmware for the same error is to reinstall! Thanks for this, it saved me a lot of time.

  • sushrit says:

    thanks it worked…actually in vista it showed the same msg..when i opened  vmware as RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR…it worked…I personally suggest everyone to run the vmware as administrator…it will work

  • Irfan4sial says:

    Yeah! this answer is right.

  • Wtevr says:

    In my case, I stopped having this msg (and thus, no functionning VMWarePlayer) until I allowed internet connexion on my host again (I had unplugued cable & put up firewall as well, ‘just in case’!). I have Windows7. The service ‘authorization…’ showed itself as ‘started’ in the manager. I had tried various things with administrative rights (starting vmware as admin, uninstalling & reinstall as admin, etc.). I wonder if it might not have to do with vmware Tools needing to check for updates… In any case, after reading so many posts, it seems there might be more than one scenarios where this bug manifests itself. I hope it don’t happen again, because I am going to switch to competitor immediately. I wish good luck to those for whom my solution would not solve their problem.

  • Wtevr says:

    ….opppsss mistake on my part. ‘The bug’ was not caused by an absence of internet access, but rather by Comodo firewall free, v.5.5. Once traffic is blocked through the firewall, vmware will not work and will display the msg “authorization …”. To have Vmware PLayer work again, I have to allow traffic back in Comodo firewall, and in addition I must reboot.

  • Ren says:

    Thanks, it worked for me!

  • Damon says:

    It’s under Vmware Authorzation service, make sure your view the extended services list, and all I had to do was restart the service

  • Vishnusharma says:


  • Dfhh says:

    thnx.. it worked.. screw MS

  • Me says:

    Thanks!  That was my issue…

  • eric says:

    I have the same problem. I have resolved to change the winhttp.dll file in windows/system32. Now all the VM services is launching and all works fine

  • Dinara Ali says:

    worked for me, too! Thanks much!

  • sepideh says:

    unfortunatly. when i was going reinstall,the windows was down.
    i dont know realy whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy?):

  • Muhammad Niaz says:

    I run as Administrator then it works in my case :)

  • Pepekali says:

    Fixed it! Just start the VM authorisation from services

  • Axel says:


  • Ahmed Hosam says:

    i have installed recently and it works perfect for the first time and when i shut down my pc and open it later to operate vmware a message which is ( Transport (VMDB) error -44: Message.

    The VMware Authorization Service is not running )

    every time i try to power on any virtual machine

  • diaa says:

    thanks, it is the solution

  • kiran kumar says:

    Go to Run–>services.msc–>then check whether all vmware related services and virtual disk services are ON.If not enable then,Go to the service Right click–>properties–>General Tab–>Keep Startup Type–>Automatic.

    • Akash Jain says:

      hey man it still not working..plzz help me…i am not able to run redhat linux in VMware

  • Deepak Shrivastava says:

    Thanks it worked for me even though I couldn’t find authorization service running.

  • Nick says:

    I had the same issue for days! I finally uninstalled Avast and was able to install VMWare products. Just another solution to help others!

  • Salem Saïd says:


  • Umer Khalid says:

    i found vmware Authorization services in my services.msc and when I start it it pops up an error..
    “Windows could not start the Vmware Authorization services on
    local computer”

  • Thank you soooo much!!! Worked a treat!!

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed says:

    hi all,

    I am working in a restricted environment ( at work ) connected through Active Directory Server, I installed VMware Workstation ver.9 and have the same problem, my System Admin do the same procedures, start it as Admin but when I restart my PC the same problem arise. they can’t give Admin rights because of policy. is there any solution or any update/upgrade to solve this?

    visited following community link but also there is no solution for it.
    Please help to find a solution.