Far Cry 2 Will Not Start

Far Cry 2 splash screen

The splash screen

I was pretty happy when I managed to snag Far Cry 2 for a low price on Steam, a month or so ago. Unfortunately, when I went to run the game, it never launched successfully. The splash screen appeared, and the game did momentarily appear in the task bar – but after that, the screen turns black for about 2 seconds, and then everything disappears. Kind of a disappointing experience for a newly purchased game, but it wasn’t the first time I encountered a game that refused to start.


To solve this, I had to carefully trigger a keyboard shortcut at the right moment.

1) Launch Far Cry 2. In my case, the splash screen appeared, and then it disappeared.

2) Wait until the screen turns black completely, and then press ALT+ENTER. If your timing is right, you should see Far Cry 2 appear in a window.

3) Press ALT+ENTER again, and then game should switch to full screen mode, allowing you to play.

I hope this trick works for you too… I use it every time I want to run the game. Annoying, yes, but I’m not sure that UbiSoft is to blame – I think it might be my fault for using beta NVIDIA drivers (195.55 for Windows 7) rather than the lame Dell drivers I should be using. Oh, and it in case this is relevant, my resolution is 1680 by 1050.

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  • Game-metal says:

    This game is awesome!

    • Matt Refghi says:

      Indeed, but there were some flaws. I recall driving on train tracks, because, you know, that’s how you rock it in Far Cry 2 – when I spotted a zebra. It was the first time I saw one in the game, so I came to a full stop on the tracks just to watch it. It soon proceeded to run right into my stopped vehicle, and died as a result. Somehow, I don’t think this reflects how zebras think in real life.

  • Ned Jumper says:

    Your solution doesen’t work i use NVIDIA drivers too but doesen’t works. I will miss this game.