Ace Ventura (Simon Fontaine)


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Simon Fontaine
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt: Hi this is Matt Refghi at Toronto Comicon, I’m here with Ace Ventura, who for some reason was not on the celebrity list, but he should have been.
Ace: Yeah, what’s the problem with that?
Matt: I don’t know, we gotta talk to management. But are you here on business by any chance, are you looking for somebody’s lost pet, or kidnapped pet?
Ace: No, not right now, I just came down to the comiccon.
Matt: Okay, came dwon to the comic con.
Ace: Yeah, I was there actually, I saw you, but there was some problem with the mic, I guess.
Matt: Yes, it seems like we have somewhat of a curse. The microphone doesn’t want to cooperate. But maybe this time it will, we have to keep fighting against things like this.
Ace: Yes!
Matt: Because what’s important in life, as you have told me before, is…
Ace: To enjoy yourself.
Matt: To have a damn good time.
Ace: Yes, have fun!
Matt: Right, so, you’re like the physical representation of fun, basically.
Ace: haha, thank you
Matt: So, you mentioned to me that you’re an actor.
Ace: Yes, I am an actor, I graduated from John Abbott College in Montreal.
Matt: Alright, perfect. And you go to bars, and you go Ubisoft, and places like that in character…
Ace: Yeah, haha, you’re right, I just kind of put myself out there, I just gotta try it, right? Do it, actually. So.
Matt: Right, absolutely, and your goal is to – well, you’ve already perfected this character, I’ve already said that before – a few times, microphone.
Ace: haha
Matt: But anyway, you’re doing great with that, you also mentioned The Mask, that you’re gonna venture off into The Mask territory.
Ace: Yeah, well that’s a work in progress actually right now. I’m planning to do it at the Montreal Comic-Con, I gotta get, you know, the costume and everything, but the act’s – it’s kinda there – still gonna need practice, but yeah just need to change it a little bit, and show what I’m able to do, you know, cause this is, I’ve got it down pat. And my goal with this character, actually, is to meet Jim Carrey one day, and I don’t know, maybe he’s gonna be in front of a mirror right now.
Matt: Yeah. A mirror that, as you mentioned before, there’s like a personal element. Cause it’s not a pure copy, right?
Ace: Exactly. I am not Jim Carrey, you know.
Matt: You coulda fooled me.
Ace: I know! Right now… hey, buddy!
Matt: haha. Very good, very good. So, Montreal Comic-con, you also said you’re planning to hit up a bunch of other conventions, basically just trying to, you know –
Ace: All of them this year, actually, all of them this year. I don’t know, I’m just so excited and I come down here, I see the people having fun, and I look at all the booths, everything’s amazing, and when people laugh, that’s my fuel, right? That’s my – it gives me energy, and I just keep doing it.
Matt: You keep spreading the cheer, and your philosophy of just having a damn good time, having fun, right?
Ace: Yeah, well, that’s my philosophy of life, that’s my life philosophy, yeah, haha
Matt: Alright, best of luck in your acting, sir, and as I mentioned before, I look forward to seeing the Mask, so I’ll see you probably at Ottawa Comic-con, no sorry, that’ll be at Montreal Comiccon.
Ace: Yea, but I will definitely go down with Ace at Ottawa Comiccon, for sure, I’ll be there.
Matt: Alright, so I’m hoping to see you there. And just keep working on this, man, you’ve already got this one down – just keep working, hey, what can I say, you’ve got this down, keep what you’re doing, going, alright?
Ace: Thank you. Thank you! I hope you’re having a lovely day.
Matt: I’m having a great time, sir.
Ace: Have yourself a lovely day! Take care now. Bye bye.
Matt: Okay, I’m fine with that.
Ace: haha