Devon D’amo (Female Punisher/Bane)


This was an interesting interview to do, especially considering the nature of Devon’s line of work: wrestling (she owns her own company and even wrestles herself). Believe it or not, it’s not often that I encounter wrestlers in every day life. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not implying that Dragon Con is anything like everyday life, it isn’t – it’s operating on a whole other level of awesome. But anyway, in addition to being a particularly unique guest, Devon was also cool enough to participate in another one of my videos, Jay and Silent Bob’s Rap.


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Devon D’amo
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: I’m here at Dragon Con and I just encountered someone who’s dressed as both a mix of Bane as the mask, as a well a Punisher shirt, so I want to know, what’s the story here? I see a lot of blood… has a war gone on? What’s going on?

Devon D’amo: Yes. I am Bane junior, and I have beaten the Punisher.

Matt: You have beaten the Punisher!

Devon: I have beaten the Punisher.

Matt: Alright, well that’s like the first course of –

Devon: So, that’s the story, I’m the first female Bane, I’ve not seen one of them here yet. So I’m the official first one at Dragon Con.

Matt: Nice, that’s good… good achievement. Have you seen a female Punisher? Maybe you’re a combo.

Devon: No.

Matt: No? Well, there you go, you’re the first female Punisher and Bane.

Devon: Yes.

Matt: And what I’m wondering is… if the first course of the meal is to terminate Punisher, which you’ve done.

Devon: Yes. So I’m at the second course!

Matt: Who’s next? Who will it be? Will it be the elusive Batman?

Devon: Batman, of course.

Matt: Batman’s next? I see a few around… you might end up with quite a few bat-heads in your bank.

Devon: Yeah.

Matt: Alright, so that’s cool. Your name, by the way?

Devon: Devon.

Matt: Devon?

Devon: Devon.

Matt: Alright, cool, cool. So, this is Dragon Con, I’ve been here four times personally. Have you been here before?

Devon: Five.

Matt: Five! Great. Yeah, so earlier you were talking to me about having a wrestling company, or working within wrestling.

Devon: Yes.

Matt: And wrestling’s something, always something that fascinated me. I used to watch it as a kid, there was a lot of drama there, a lot of interesting storylines to follow. I always questioned: is it real, or is it not real, and does it matter? Because it’s entertainment.

Devon: It is both.

Matt: It is both.

Devon: It’s according to what you like. We do both.

Matt: You do both?

Devon: I started out with this site, it was more like WWE, and I do more real stuff with my site, and we started out in Atlanta, so… yeah, we do more real but we do a little bit of both.

Matt: Okay, cool – would you like to mention your website?

Devon: Yeah, it’s Female wrestlers of Atlanta.

Matt: Is it just female wrestlers?

Devon: Uh, no. We do mix, but we just smash the guys, so, you know –

Matt: Okay, well that’s always fun. I mean, there’s a lot of, you can maybe take some anger out.

Devon: Yes, take some anger out.

Matt: That’s probably part of the appeal.

Devon: I have a ring in my living room, so….

Matt: The ring’s in your living room?

Devon: I have a wrestling ring in my living room.

Matt: So you take a break when you’re watching TV and just go fight someone?

Devon: Yea, when I’m watching TV, I’m like boom, let’s go to the living room.

Matt: I think you’ve got a potential product here.

Devon: Right?

Matt: Buy a ring… stick it in your living room. That’s great.

Devon: Little Bane’s pissed off, and ?

Matt: That’s right. You have a problem with your maybe, you know, your significant other, go to the right. Perfect.

Devon: Right.

Matt: That’s great. Do you, yourself, wrestle, or is it a company.

Devon: I do. I wrestle and I produce.

Matt: Do you have… like what’s your wrestling name, because they’re often very strong.

Devon: Devon. Devon D’amo is my wrestling name.

Matt: Oh, so that’s the actual… okay, cool, that’s great. And I guess there’s footage from you perhaps available on the website?

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Matt: Alright, kicking the crap out of people, great. So… Dragon Con, what attracts you to Dragon Con?

Devon: You know what? It’s like Toys R’ Us, a kid can be a kid.

Matt: That’s right.

Devon: You get to dress up as your favorite character, and just have fun with it.

Matt: That’s cool.

Devon: It’s like a moment out of reality.

Matt: Yeah, personally, I agree, and there’s so many references … you can really appreciate the effort people put into it.

Devon: Very, very much.

Matt: And you come from where, exactly? Where do you live?

Devon: I’m actually from Atlanta.

Matt: Oh, yea, you mentioned, because it’s the Atlanta league for women, right? The wrestling league.

Devon: Yep.

Matt: Yea, we fly down from Canada.

Devon: But a lot of people I talk to today are from all over the world.

Matt: Yea.

Devon: It’s amazing how Dragon Con was very small five, six years ago, and now it’s huge.

Matt: Right. The cameraman, actually, he’s a friend of mine, he came to Atlanta two years ago… this is his second visit. The first one is infectious, he himself admitted this.

Devon: (laughs)

Matt: You get there and you’re like: oh, there’s something here.

Devon: Right.

Matt: We fly down from Canada, so –

Devon: Canada, eh?

Matt: – we can’t help it. We’ve got the bug. I’ve got four consecutive attended years… gotta keep it up. Anyway, it’s a pleasure talking to you. I hope you get the Batman.

Devon: Pleasure talking to you too.

Matt: I hope you do, because that’s a goal.

Devon: I’m working on it, tonight, tonight. It will happen.

Matt: Especially given the combo status you have here. Female Punisher, female Bane… you gotta get the Batman. So thank you very much for talking to me.

Devon: Thank you.