Characters from Assassin’s Creed


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Hello, sir. I was attracted by your sign over here – you hope that there are no assassins around –

Dave: Oh yes.

Matt: Pardon?

Dave: Oh, yes, I’m scared of the assassins… very scared.

Matt: So yesterday I saw some Splinter Cell guys hanging around, you know, with the night vision and all that, I was a little concerned – (emphasizing) I was a little concerned when I saw this, ’cause I was like “yea… there’s some people around that might hurt you.”

Dave: There’s many people around that might hurt me, but when you’re British you get quite used to that happening.

Matt: (laughs) Okay, and this costume: where’s it from, specifically?

Dave: Okay, specifically, it’s a British red coat officer’s uniform, from the 30th ??? regiment. Somewhat modded. And the game in question, I’m sure everyone knows, is Assassin’s Creed 3 where as a red coat in that game, once the assassins are around, you’ve got a life expectancy of micro-seconds.

Matt: Well, that’s understandable, it’s understandable, and I like that the red kind of matches with the Star Trek. I’m sure there’s more historical significance there –

Dave: Yes.

Matt: … but the red shirt, yeah, you’re in trouble, my friend.

Dave: Oh, yes.

Matt: Across multiple universes. But how do you personally feel about Assassin’s Creed, the series?

Dave: I have only really played Assassin’s Creed 3, but I think it’s wonderful, and I’m really ??? so I’m going to get the other games when I get back from the UK, because they’re cheap now apart from anything else.

Matt: So you are from the UK, yourself?

Dave: Yes, I’m actually from the UK and I flew in just for Dragon Con and to see some friends, and it’s amazing.

Matt: Alright, and it’s your first time?

Dave: Yes, Dragon Con virgin.

Matt: Are you (laughs), that’s fine. Are you… have you been bitten by the bug? (Uses right hand to simulate a bug biting his left arm.)

Dave: Oh, yeah, I’m back next year. I’ll going to sell a kidney if I have to get here.

Matt: Sell a kidney, okay well, that might be worth it, might be worth it.

Dave: Yeah…. I don’t use them for much anyway.

Matt: Right… and so I remember, you know, there’s a lot of pride in Montreal with Ubisoft having created this because they’re really a well-renowned studio.

Dave looks to his right, and suddenly runs, terrified. He hands Matt the microphone while doing so. Matt looks stunned as two assassins pass by, clearly the ones that scared Dave off.

Matt: (To the assassins) Okay, guys, well, you know, you just scared off my interview.

Brent: Sorry about that.

Jonathan shrugs slightly, but in manner that suggests he was just doing his job – not very apologetic.

Matt: But it’s alright, so I guess you’re fulfilling your role here. So how do you guys feel about the Assassin’s Creed franchise?

Brent: We feel pretty good about it.

Matt: Enough to dress up certainly.

Brent: Yes, certainly.

Jonathan: Huge fan.

Brent: Played all the games.

Matt: I’ve played the first one, really enjoyed it, I’ve also… but that was it.

Brent: Yeah, they get better from there.

Matt: They get better?

Brent: Yeah.

Matt: Excellent.

Brent: 2 is probably my favorite, and Brotherhood, those are two are probably my favorite ones. But yeah, they’re all really fun to play.

Matt: I like the concept of Brotherhood, the whole thing about having assassins that work for you.

Brent: Yeah.

Matt: So your names, by the way.

Brent: I’m Brent.

Jonathan: … and I’m Jonathan.

Matt: Okay, cool. So I like the costumes, and I’m also wondering: you’re probably seeing other assassin’s creed brothers of yours around, right?

Brent: This is true, we have been.

Matt: Have you been huddling around in groups trying to be stealthy?

Brent: Um, yeah, I mean…

Jonathan: Gotta stay sneaky.

Brent: … we have the hoods, and apparently that just works, so, as long as we have them up, it’s fine.

Matt: If there’s one place where you can blend in to a, you know, crowd, I think it’s here. I think there’s a lot of variety.

Jonathan: That’s true, so many people… it’s difficulty to pinpoint targets in crowds.

Matt: Well, you get to choose, you know. You have an abundance, you can just go to town.

Brent: Exactly. Like that guy, we had to get that guy. (Gesturing to direction Dave fled.)

Matt: How long have you been stalking him?

Brent: For a while, we’ve seen him off and on. He’s a big target priority, so, you know.

Jonathan: Let’s be honest, the sign kind of gives him away.

Matt: Yea, it makes him a juicy target, right?

Brent: Oh, yeah.

Matt: Alright, quite cool, guys. I hope you enjoy the Con.

Brent: You too.

Matt: That’s it. Thank you.

Brent: Alright, thank you.

Matt: And try not to kill him, leave him alone.

Brent: Might just give him a punishment.

Jonathan: Can’t make any promises.

Matt: Can’t make any promises.

Jonathan: Can’t make any promises.

Matt: That’s alright. You’re assassins, but don’t you have like a code? Don’t assassins have a code?

Jonathan: We do.

Matt: But if an assassin has a code to not assassinate, there’s a problem.

Jonathan: Exactly.

Brent: That’s true… I mean, it is our job, it’s what we have to do.

Jonathan: Templars take priority.

Matt: Alright.

Brent: We only kill bad people, or at who we consider bad people, so there’s that.

Jonathan: Alright, well, (referring to Dave) he’s pure evil, so go ahead.

Jonathan: Indeed.

Brent: Fun talk.

Matt: Thanks, guys.

Jonathan: Take care, man.

Scene cuts to Matt standing next to Dave, who looks slightly uneasy.

Matt: Dave, I’m really happy to see you, because I just… they just chased you off, and I’m sorry… but I interviewed them.

Dave: Yea, I think I got away with it, though, I think I’ve lost them, and I don’t think they’re coming back.

Matt: Okay, well that’s what –

Brent and Jonathan enter the frame separately, from the left and rides sides, respectively. They are approaching Dave rapidly, and he’s starting to be become aware of their presence. Jonathan stabs Dave in the back before Brent is able to do so himself. Brent is limping slightly and supporting his back as if it was in pain.

Matt: (Looking down at Dave‘s body) Oh, no… what…

Brent shrugs while looking at Jonathan, who also shrugs but in more of a “what? that’s how it’s done” type way. Jonathan leaves the scene, and is then followed by Brent, who took a moment to shrug in disappointment once more before leaving.

Matt places the microphone on the ground, and runs away from the scene, into the crowd.

An female thief in an Assassin’s Creed costume calmly walks in from the left, crouches next to Dave‘s corpse, and starts searching Dave‘s body. She feel around to see if he has anything in his pockets, and finally decides to steal his Con badge, which is attached to his belt. She stands up, satisfied, and calmly walks off to the right.