Cecil Sinclaire and Carla Rhodes


Watch as I survive a close encounter with Cecil Sinclaire, notorious evil-doer and general prankster. Carla Rhodes, rock n’ roll ventriloquist takes a moment to talk about her and Cecil, while also casually mentioning that she’s promoting his demonic ways through her show, The Plight of Cecil (part of Dragon Con 2013’s puppetry track). Carla’s the first ventriloquist that I see at the Con, and after catching a glimpse of the evil residing deep within Cecil’s eyes, I don’t think I’ll forget her any time soon.


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Cecil Sinclaire
Carla Rhodes
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Hi everybody, we’re at Dragon Con, and I just found a little puppet here. How’s it going, and what’s your name?

Cecil Sinclaire: My name is Cecil Sinclaire.

Carla Rhodes: And I’m Carla Rhodes, rock & roll ventriloquist.

Matt: Okay, that’s great. So… I haven’t seen many ventriloquists at the con.

Carla: Right, I’m the only one, I’m here with the puppetry track, and I’m doing my solo show tonight, The Plight of Cecil.

Matt: The Flight of Cecil.

Carla: Yes.

Matt: What… how does Cecil fly?

Cecil: It’s the plight.

Matt: The plight! Oh, okay, okay.

Cecil: Yes, ha ha ha ha!

Carla: It’s all about what a bad guy Cecil is, and the stuff we go through together.

Matt: What do you do that’s bad, Cecil?

Cecil: Oh, you’ll just have to see. Verbally abuse her, push her off of cliffs.

Matt: Do you plan on doing anything to me, Cecil?

Cecil: (dramatically) Yes… I do. (Matt looks at him closely.) I know which hotel you’re staying in.

Matt: (Looking at Cecil with suspicion, as Larry David often does in Curb Your Enthusiasm) I’m trying to understand your evil, Cecil… look at me in the eyes.

Cecil: I’m very evil. Very, very, very evil. (Evil laugh)

Matt: (Looking somewhat satisfied, moving back) Alright… alright… that remains to be seen, Cecil. So how do you feel being carried around at the con? Do you feel maybe this is a bit… emasculating?

Cecil: Well, I actually take comfort in the fact that I’m the only person here that doesn’t live in my parent’s basement. (Laughs)

Matt: (Laughs) That is… you my friend, have a sense of humor, well done. Will that… will that mean that you will not do something to be later, that compliment?

Cecil: I am going to do something to you later, and you’re going to like it.

Matt: Okay… I’m a little afraid right now, but, so, Cecil, how do you like the guests at the con? I see a giant mouse walking around. (Cecil turns his head to see the mouse). Yeah, a bunch of different characters, here. Are there any particular costumes that you preferred? That you liked?

Cecil: No comment.

Matt: No comment… alright.

Carla: I think he’s a little bit frightened, actually. (Looks at camera.)

Matt: A bit frightened at the lights?

Carla: He’s never seen anything like this, so… he’s a bit thrown and frightened by things.

Matt: It’s a bit of an elaborate set up.

Cecil: I saw a Tinkerbell that I liked.

Matt: (Speaking very slowly, clearly, and with a suspicious tone that suggests he expects an evil response) Do you like her in the sense that you will terrorize her?

Cecil: No, I’d like to be alone with her in an elevator.

Matt: (Completely satisifed, no longer suspicious) Oh, well okay, that’s more natural. Well done, alright. And um, that’s great, Cecil.

Cecil: Thank you.

Matt: You have very nice skin.

Cecil: Thank you, I have rosecea as well.

Matt: (Looking at Cecil’s clothing) I like the suit, and what’s this? (Sees pamphlet.) Oh, The Plight of Cecil. (Gesturing that he wants to take one) Do you mind, Cecil?

Cecil: Hell yes, take it. My arms don’t move, so I can’t give it to you.

Matt: (Looking at pamphlet) That’s great.

Carla: Check it out at 10 o’clock tonight, 704, Puppetry track.

Matt: Very cool, very cool.

Carla: Thank you so much.

Matt: Oh, it was great talking to you. Cecil, I’m going to shake your hand.

Cecil: (Swinging his body to make his hands sway towards Matt’s open hand.)

Matt: Oh, (Cecil’s hand makes contact) okay, okay, thanks Cecil.

Cecil: Thank you!

Carla: Thank you!

(After credits)

Matt: I’ll ask you that, probably…

(A guy dressed as Cookie Monster walks past, and Cecil catches sight of him.)

Cecil: Cookie monster!


Hosted and Edited by: Matt Refghi

Filmed by: Joseph Pereira

Guests: Cecil SinclaireCarla Rhodes