Brady Bunch Adults


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Carol Brady
Mike Brady
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Hi everyone, I’m here with the Brady Bunch… or part of the Brady Bunch, it would appear.

Carol: The parents… and our main support Alice.

Matt Refghi: They have a very nice sign, I really want to point out. They’re gonna trade their kids for beer, essentially.

Mike: Yes.

Matt Refghi: And it seems they’ve already traded one.

Mike: We have. We traded one, yes. Was that Jan?

Carol: No no no, it was Greg, because he’s 18, he’s ready to move on.

Matt Refghi: Okay, so when it comes to trading… so he was 18 – okay, I see – he was the most appropriate one to trade, because he’s already almost out.

Mike: Correct, correct.

Matt Refghi: Would you be interested in getting, like, Vodka, for a certain child?

Alice: I would take Vodka.

Matt Refghi: Right – and what’s the criteria for trading children?

Mike: Alice does all the work, so she should really decide.

Carol: Alice gets all of the alchohol, because honestly I kinda just go out and go to PTA stuff and –

Alice: He goes to work, she goes to PTA, but I’m the one doing all the work around here, and I’m the one who gets to say what we trade for, so yes, I would accept Vodka.

Matt Refghi: Okay, but we’re getting into a little bit of a grey zone, we’re talking about trading children.

Carol: Yes.

Matt Refghi: But it’s all in good fun.

Carol: It’s all in good fun. We really do not have six children, so it’s probably okay.

Matt Refghi: (points to sign) You have five.

Carol: We have five, we have five.

Matt Refghi: Right now, right now. You’re working on that… so that’s great. Is this your first Dragon Con?

Carol: No, this would be our fourth Dragon Con.

Matt Refghi: That’s great, same here.

Mike: Alright, fantastic.

Matt Refghi: And where are you from?

Carol: We’re from Atlanta. Alice…

Mike: We live in Atlanta.

Alice: I’m from Minneapolis, so I come and visit them, and we hang out and we come to Dragon Con every couple years.

Matt Refghi: Is it the first time you dress up together?

Carol: No, no. Last year we were nuns, but we were all different themes – I was a zombie nun, he was a Jedi nun, and she was an actual holy nun.

Matt Refghi: (enumerating with fingers, thoughtful) Jedi, holy, zombie. How does the holy live with the zombie? That’s kind of like… opposites.

Carol: Never, no, I ate her brains.

Mike: (laughs)

Matt Refghi: Oh, okay. But then is she (laughs) is she still a holy – okay, is that why the costume won’t be used again?

Mike: Yeah, yeah.

Carol: Yeah, it’s done.

Matt Refghi: That’s too bad, but it had it’s run.

Alice: It had its run, you know, it was a good time – but you can’t do the same thing every year.

Carol: Yesterday, actually, my husband and I were nominated – we had a card to be for the wall of fame or whatever, we were Cleopatra yesterday, so the Dragon Con staff nominated us and had our picture taken.

Matt Refghi: Congratulations!

Mike: Yes, we’re so excited.

Matt Refghi: Good job.

Carol: So… lots of Dragon Con.

Matt Refghi: Yeah… do you foresee an end to your attendance? I doubt it.

Mike: (convinced) No… no… no.

Carol: Not at this point, unless they move it to the convention centre, at which point that might do it for me – it needs to stay in the hotels. I’m very solid about that point.

Matt Refghi: Yea, I like it too – I like just wandering around. We come from up north, we’re from Canada.

Carol: Okay.

Matt Refghi: But we still fly down every year, so (laughs), it’s cool. Um, one more question regarding the costumes you had before: between the zombie and the Jedi, who would win? Because that’s the two remaining contenders.

Mike: (recognizing the theoretical duel for its natural awesomeness) Ooooooo

Alice: I think the Jedi would win.

Matt Refghi: I would hope so, otherwise what type of a Jedi are we talking about?

Mike: (laughs)

Alice: Because he’s quick and agile, and he has a weapon.

Matt Refghi: And he has… exactly.

Carol: Zombies aren’t very smart, they just say brains and try to eat them. He would cut my head off before I could get at him, so I think he would, yeah.

Matt Refghi: Okay, but it depends… is it a 28 days later zombie, or a Romero zombie? Like, fast or slow?

Carol: No, it’s more like a 28 days later zombie.

Matt Refghi: Okay, okay… so it’s a fair fight, then, but the Jedi should win if he’s competent.

Carol: Jedi should win. But in this battle, I’m Mrs. Brady…

Matt Refghi: You would naturally win.

Carol: I would win over him…

Mike: No, no.

Carol: …but Alice wins over all of us.

Matt Refghi: (Suddenly understanding) Ooooooh.

Mike: (laughs)

Carol: And by the way, if anyone wants to trade a kid, Jan is next on the list because she whines all of the time, are we in agreement on that?

Alice: Absolutely, I’m tired of the Marcia, Marcia, Marcia business.

Carol: It’s always about whining about Marcia, so we’re ready to get rid of Jan, so if anyone wants to give us a beer, we will give you Jan.

Matt Refghi: Maybe half a beer for Jan?

Alice: I would take half a beer for Jan, yes I would.

Matt Refghi: That’s bargaining.

Alice: At this point, late in the day, we need to work on this.

Matt Refghi: So, half a beer. (To camera) You know where to get to if you want a child. (To guests) Excellent, it’s great meeting you. Um, I hope you have a great con!

Mike: Great con already.

Matt Refghi: Thanks for interviewing.