Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Hi everyone, I’m here with what appears to be a Gameboy. It’s not a Gameboy, I know, but it looks like a Gameboy, so I wanna know… yeah, exactly – BMO, exactly, I don’t know the reference but I would like to know. So what is this?

Danny: BMO’s a character from Adventure Time… it’s one of the more obscure, little-known characters, but it has a strong fanbase, though.

Matt: It’s from what, sorry?

Danny: It’s from Adventure Time.

Matt: Oh, from Adventure Time! Okay, yeah, you’re right, it kind of fits the animation style.

Danny: Yeah.

Matt: I should have just guessed that, yeah. I’m tempted to kinda hit start here, but there’s no start button. Is it, it’ s supposed to look like a Gameboy, I guess.

Danny: Basically, yeah, it’s a game console.

Matt: Okay, that’s cool. But this is also a character, a character that speaks I would guess.

Danny: Yes.

Matt: Does it have a robotic-type voice, computer voice?

Danny: More of an effeminate voice – it has no real gender, but since I was born a male, it’s kind of negative for me, but I try to make do as best I can.

Matt: Okay, yeah. Is he always happy? Or is it always happy?

Danny: Always happy, but there are episodes where you question BMO’s sanity for a game console. There’s some things where you’re like “oh, something’s mentally wrong” – but that adds to the charm, though.

Matt: Okay, but is he still smiling during that? Or does the face change?

Danny: The face changes, though, yeah. It always shows different things – they play games on the screen.

Matt: That’s cool… alright, so you’re a gaming fan.

Danny: Hecks, yeah.

Matt: Yeah? Alright, so what lead you here? To Dragon Con? Is it –

Danny: My friend asked me “hey, want to go out of state to a con?” I said sure, why not, let’s do that.

Matt: First time?

Danny: First time.

Matt: Yeah, nice. Alright… and is it, like, your interest, is it more in the gaming side of things? Maybe, like, sci-fi? TV, movies, or anything like that?

Danny: I’d say pop culture.

Matt: Pop culture in general, yeah. You enjoy seeing references and kind of like knowing what they are?

Danny: I enjoy people making demolition man references, so yeah, very much so.

Matt: That’s cool. So what’s your favorite costume you saw this year?

Danny: Let me think… I know someone made Diablo out of milk jugs, stuff like that.

Matt: Somewhat made what, sorry?

Danny: Someone made Diablo armor, I think of a Barbarian, out of milk jugs.

Matt: Wow, nice, nice.

Danny: Stuff like that was pretty sweet.

Matt: Nice, I didn’t see that one. Another question, Gameboy-related, or button-related, I noticed you have a light here… anybody trying to push your buttons throughout the day?

Danny: I have a different version inside my room, too, which is BMO Noir, an updated version of this one.

Matt: Alright.

Danny: I have had some kids cop a bit too much of a feel, it gets a bit awkward, because you can’t say “hey, kids, please stop this.” It’s really weird.

Matt: So you’re saying you have an updated version of this?

Danny: Yeah, this is like the inferior one, but yeah. Another too because I’m going to be here for four days, figured I’d make more than one costume.

Matt: Cool. Did you use the updated one yesterday?

Danny: Yes.

Matt: Okay, cool. Why are you with this one right now? Just for nostalgia’s sake?

Danny: This one right now just because I can switch it up a bit.

Matt: Switch it up a bit, yeah, I get it, keep it original. And this one… you can’t press the buttons, right? Does the other one have tactile feedback?

Danny: Actually, do it, you can press the buttons on these ones, though. Only the red one doesn’t work.

Matt: Nice.

Danny: The other ones are spring loaded, though.

Matt: That’s pretty cool! Okay, I’ll be careful with this one. Alright, so, I’m a fan of gaming, I approve of this, very cool, and it’s good to learn that it’s from Adventure Time. Now I know it’s one of these costumes again. And you are from where?

Danny: Denver.

Matt: Denver. Denver, Colorado, alright. You a fan of South Park by any chance?

Danny: Of course.

Matt: Alright, South Park’s great. So anyway, pleasure speaking to you. Have a great time! And your name, by the way?

Danny: Danny.

Matt: Alright, Danny… it seems you have an admirer over here. Feel free to approach.

Woman: She wants to take a picture.

Matt: That’s okay… take a picture. Go ahead.

Matt: Alright, so what do you do for a living?

Danny: I’m actually still a student… I’m in graphic design right now, but still studying.

Matt: Much respect for graphic design… it’s something I think a lot of people think is simple… it’s not simple.

Danny: Grids, ?, it’s just ridiculous. “Oh, it’s just drawing pictures” … nope.

Matt: Yeah! So, I’m from Computer Science myself.

Danny: Oh, nice.

Matt: I’m a programmer and all that, and I do a bunch of stuff like that, so graphic design… I leave it to the experts. I think I can do it, but you guys can do it faster. So, anyway, best of luck and enjoy the con.

Danny: Thank you.

Matt: And thanks for interviewing with me… I will just shake your hand by pressing a few buttons.

Danny: I can just wave at you, too.

Matt: Okay, thanks.