Walter White


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Alright, we’re at Dragon*Con 2012 and I’m here with Justin who decided to dress as Walt Whitman. From Breaking Bad, and yet, he seems to be –

Justin: Walt Whitman? It was Walt Whitman?

Matt: Wasn’t it?

Justin: Uh, I think it was Walter White.

Matt: Oh!

Justin: Walt Whitman was the writer.

Matt: Jesus, Walter White.

Justin: Yeah.

Matt: That’s right, okay. (to cameraman) We’ll restart?

Justin: I think that was good, that was good though.

Matt: Yeah, it’s fine, it’s just.

Justin: It was a nice gap, I liked it.

Matt: Oh, you mean, like a natural mistake? What do you mean?

Justin: Well, yeah, you were like, yeah, “Walt Whitman, he made meth too!”

Matt: (laughs)

Justin: Most people did not know that!

Matt: Alright, so we’re Dragon*Con 2012 and I’m here as Justin who dressed up as Walter White from the Breaking Bad series, and he didn’t really go with stealth for today, he decided to go all out and showcase that he is a meth cook, or something dangerous like that. So Walt, is this your first time at Dragon*Con?

Justin: No, I’ve been coming for about, I’d say, five years now.

Matt: Five years?

Justin: Five years.

Matt: Are you from around here?

Justin: Actually, yeah, I live in Douglasville, about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta.

Matt: Aright.

Justin: So not much of a drive.

Matt: So not much a a – pardon?

Justin: Not much of a drive –

Matt: Oh, okay.

Justin: Compared to a lot of people.

Matt: Yeah. We fly down from Montreal.

Justin: You know, I thought I heard a little something there.

Matt: Yeah?

Justin: Yep.

Matt: So what’s your favorite part about Dragon*Con?

Justin: Well, honestly, for one thing the costumes, just walking around, seeing some of the amazing stuff people do. Another is just the sheer range of different kinds of panels you can go to, since there’s no one specific thing going on at Dragon*Con. So you can go to a panel on Star Wars one minute, and then an hour later be listening to the actors of True Blood talk about what goes on the set, so…

Matt: Right.

Justin: There’s always something interesting going on.

Matt: Yeah, that’s true. Can I have an idea of the other costumes that you’ve worn in the past? Is this the first, here?

Justin: No, no, this is one of the costumes I wear. I went as the clown doctor from Children’s hospital, the year before – the year before last, that was actually pretty good. I mean, the make-up ran a little bit, but it got a good response out of people. I think the big thing I try to do is try to get something that you’re not gonna see a lot of, because it gets a little better response.

Matt: I agree, and also less people might recognize the reference that you’re making, the value of the people that do recognize – I think, is a lot more value – you know, it’s a lot more valuable to actually see the few that actually recognize the reference. Would you agree?

Justin: Oh, yeah. It’s – I’m gonna admit, it’s a little bit of an ego thing, when you have people coming up to you all day and going “Can I please get a picture? Can I take a picture with you?” Because that makes you feel like you put some work into it, and that you came up with a really good idea that people are responding to.

Matt: Right? That’s true. I’m actually – this is my first experiment, this is a Canadian TV show I’m dressed up as, a character from a Canadian TV show. Not hits so far, but we’ll see, you know. Always have to walk around with a glass, that’s one of the quirks of this character.

Justin: Ahhhh.

Matt: It can be challenging, carrying everything.

Justin: ┬áThis thing right here is not exactly comfortable, and the suit itself? It’s pretty warm on the inside.

Matt: I see.

Justin: But I mean, that’s the cost.

Matt: It keeps you safe, when you’re working.

Justin: True.

Matt: That’s great, so yeah, great meeting you.

Justin: Pleasure.