Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Alright, we’re here at Dragon*Con 2012, and I’m here with Jason who’s dressed as Thor. Hello Jason, so how many times have you come to Dragon*Con?

Jason: This is my seventh year.

Matt: That’s great – what costumes have you worn before?

Jason: I’ve been a Hellraiser from Cenobite, or┬áCenobite from the Hellraiser movie.

Matt: Very nice.

Jason: Scottish highlander wearing a kilt, and of course Thor, one of my favorites – so this is my second year in a row being Thor.

Matt: Right. I noticed that that hammer is not just a regular hammer –

Jason: Yes.

Matt: I’ve seen many Thors, but that’s one strong hammer. Can you just tell us about the hammer?

Jason: Yeah, I’m a sheet metal worker, and I do sheet metal fabrication and everything, and this is a stainless steel channel and it weighs about thirty pounds, mirrored stainless steel. I completely welded it all together, polished it, wrapped the handle in leather, had it engraved, and I’ve had it for about fifteen years now.

Matt: Very nice. Do you have a website you’d like to mention?

Jason: Uh, no I do not.

Matt: Okay. Great. Alright, so there’s that, and then – what would you say is the best part of Dragon*Con to you?

Jason: Everything. There’s just so much phenomenal stuff about this, that’s why I keep coming back every year, the people, the fun, and I think the best thing to me is: I have children, so having other people’s children run up to me, and want their picture with me, is just the coolest thing in the world to me.

Matt: That’s great.

Jason: Because I know my children have done it as they were growing up, so I can kind of give back to them now, being a character that the children kinda look up to, and I have five-year-old children running up to me, wanting their picture with me, so yeah, that’s pretty neat.

Matt: Great. Are you from the area?

Jason: Yeah, I’m from Dallas, Georgia, about 45 minutes away.

Matt: Great.

Jason: Yep.

Matt: Okay, sounds good, so very nice meeting you.

Jason: Absolutely.

Matt: Thanks again.

Jason: Thank you, Matt.