Steampunk Bartender


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Baron Bon Bar
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Hi, everyone, I’m here with a cosplayer, and I’m not entirely sure what his costume is, but it feels like Steampunk. If you could just explain a little more about the costume.

Baron Bon Bar: Yes, it is Steampunk. I’m a Steampunk bartender by the name Baron Bon Bar. German, Baron Good Bar. If you can check this out, I’ve got my shotgun.

Matt: (laughs)

Baron: I carry the bardolier (?) , and the Bar Back –

Matt: Oh, wow. (laughs) This is –

Baron: – which caries two fluid gallons which is pneumatically displaced through this glove.

Matt: That is… community service if I’ve ever seen it. That is excellent.

Baron: Well, that’s what Dragon*Con’s all about: sharing, having a good time… I just want to help everyone else have a really good time at the convention.

Matt: Excellent, that’s great. Alright, so is it your first time at the ‘Con?

Baron: No, I’ve been coming here several years, now, and actually the first year we came we liked it so much that we bought a lifetime membership.

Matt: Excellent, yeah, I’ve heard about those, it’d be great to have one. And are you from the area?

Baron: No, actually, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri.

Matt: Nice, I – for some reason, growing up, I loved the Blues.

Baron: Well everybody loves the Blues.

Matt: I love in Montreal, it’s weird. Canadian, loving the Blues, Saint-Louis Blues.

Baron: Everybody loves them til’ the playoffs. (laughs)

Matt: Oh, that could be – yeah. Alright, very good, what is the best thing for you about the Con, what do you enjoy the most? Apart from just, as you mentioned, you know, sharing and providing this great service.

Baron: Well, not only is it a collection of some of the best minds inside of fandom talking about their particular niche interest, exchanging ideals, it’s a place where we can come and see the creme of the crop of everything that is geek, nerd, that subculture. But also, for me personally, you get to see some of the top costumes in the nation. They say that Comic Con is the best Con in the world, but it’s not true, it really is Dragon*Con, because the costuming here at Dragon*Con takes it to another level. People that are the best inside of a whole state come here and don’t even hold up a candle to some of the people that just come in for just this Con, this is the only one they do.

Matt: Right. Haven’t been to Comic Con, so I take it you’ve been?

Baron: No, actually I haven’t, but I’ve had several friends and –

Matt: Right.

Baron: – as I said, I know a lot of the professional costumers here. They can attest that it’s a lot harder to costume here on a professional grade than it is to do it at Comic-Con.

Matt: Well, I certainly believe that because I’ve been coming here for three years, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. So I really enjoy it, and also I was wondering – this is an elaborate ┬ácostume, you likely had to make some of these parts by myself.

Baron: I made almost 100% of this costume myself.

Matt: Very nice.

Baron: There are parts on it that are scavenged from other things, but I’m the one that assembled them all. Like these are test tubes from a centrifuge. This is a completely modified squirt gun that I changed over to accept glass bottles. There are standard flasks and things like that, but the┬áleather work and all of the devices are completely hand-made.

Matt: Very nice. I also noticed a little Bat symbol there.

Baron: Well, this is my, uh, actually something I wear in my daily life.

Matt: And you have chopsticks.

Baron: Well, it’s my cellphone, my BlueTooth, charging cable, chopsticks, and a pen. It’s all things that I use pretty much every day, and it’s a little of the Con that I carry home with me.

Matt: That is excellent, and it’s just like you’re blowing my mind here because I thought that this was a Steam Punk costume, you have some great gadgets, but you’ve covered the whole practicality angle as well. (laughs) Look at this! He just pulls out his cellphone, just hank on the cord. Excellent. And you’re ready for sushi, what else do you have here?

Baron: That’s a charging cable for the cellphone and data cable.

Matt: Perfect, perfect…. so you’re one equipped man. Excellent. So, yeah, it was a pleasure speaking to you sir.

Baron: Well, I hope you have a fantastic Con.

Matt: Thank you.

Baron: Thank you for having me on your blog.

Matt: Absolutely, I appreciate that.