Phantom of the Paradise and Major Motoko Kusanagi


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Alright, we’re at Dragon*Con 2012, and I’m here with two cosplayers that I do not recognize, and I’m particularly intrigued because of the plunger. So if you could please tell me about your characters, tell me about yourselves.

John: I’m playing the Phantom of the Paradise which is from a 1970s movie directed by┬áBrian De Palma as a musical version of the Phantom of the Opera.

Matt: Okay, not familiar, but still very cool. Yes?

Clara: I’m playing Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell manga, it’s an old school version of her outfit.

Matt: Okay, alright. And the plunger, where does that fit in?

John: He attacks somebody with a plunger in the middle of the movie, and the action figure actually comes with the plunger, so I figured it was –

Matt: Is there a clog he needs to fix? Or what’s the –

John: No, he attacks him in the bathroom, so it’s kind of a comedy.

Matt: I see, alright. How long have you been coming to Dragon*Con?

Clara: This is my third year.

Matt: Third year? Me too! Great.

Clara: (laughs)

John: I’ve been here for five or six years.

Matt: Five or six years, great. And are you from the area?

John: What’s that?

Matt: (repeating) Are you from the area?

John: Yes.

Matt: Yes?

John: Yeah, about a mile away.

Matt: A mile away, that’s pretty close. What’s your favorite thing about Dragon*Con?

Clara: I love that it’s a gathering of my people. The nerds, the dorks, we were picked on in school, but now I feel like we rule here. We’re cool now. (laughs)

Matt: Now we thrive, that’s right. (to John) Same?

John: Yeah, nerds, and drinking – it’s my life.

Matt: Excellent. Is there anything you would recommend someone who hasn’t been to Dragon*Con?

Clara: Well, I think that they definitely should go. You gotta start raising your nerds, when you have kids, bring them here, you can be yourself here – it’s amazing.

John: Yeah, if you’re a nerd, and you live in the area and you want to come, you should come – it’s fun.

Matt: Great. And if would ask you “what’s the best costume that you’ve seen today?” is there anything that comes to mind, that pops out?

Clara: I love the multitude of Shepard from Mass Effect. The costumes have been amazing here, and there’s so many of them now.

Matt: Yeah, me too.

John: Yeah, I liked seeing Rocket Racoon and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Matt: Okay, I’m not familiar, but… good. Um, and you’re names, I don’t believe you’ve mentioned your names.

Clara: My name is Clara.

Matt: Alright, Clara. (to John) Yes?

John: I’m John.

Matt: Nice meeting you both, and thanks for taking the time to interview with us. And may we use this interview on YouTube?

Clara: Yeah, no problem.

John: Yeah.

Matt: Thank you.

Clara: Thank you so much.

Matt: Thanks. (to John) Thank you, plunger man.

John: My hands are wet.

Matt: And you’re holding a plunger.

John: I’ve been – this is brand new, but I’ve been sweating so much, I was like –

Matt: It’s okay, I appreciate it. Alright, thank you.

And now the blooper.

Matt: And I’m here with two characters that I do not recognize, and I’m very curious about, particularly because you’re carrying a sponger.

Matt: What am I saying? (to camera man) Let me restart.

Clara: (laughs)

Matt: (laughs) (to camera man) Let me restart, I’m sorry.

Matt: It was, uh – sponger, what the hell is a sponger?

John: (laughs)

Clara: (laughs)

Matt: A plunger! It’s a plunger. Okay.