Maurice Moss


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Lucien Freeman
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Alright, so we just arrived at Dragon*Con 2012, and we encountered Moss from The IT Crowd. How are you doing, Moss?

Maurice Moss: (British accent) Doing well, thank you.

Matt: Alright, I see that you have a cup there.

Moss: (British accent) Absolutely, I’ve searched the canteen completely and most thoroughly, and I’ve actually found my cup.

Matt: Woah.

Moss: (British accent) It’s very, very distinctive because there’s a picture on the base.

Matt: Okay, alright. How do you differentiate between that cup and the other cups.

Moss: (British accent) Well, mainly the picture is what does it, although I do see Richmond drinking from it from time to time, which makes me a little bit vexed.

Matt: I thought he died from scurvy.

Moss: (British accent) He did. But then later he came back, as you know, from goth to boss?

Matt: That’s right.

Moss: (British accent) Absolutely. Quite surprising.

Matt: I see, and I see you’re also wearing a very interesting shirt right there.

Moss:  (British accent) Oh, well, yes, see, unfortunately, it is the week-end, and since it is the week-end, Aunt Irma visits.

Matt:  Oh, yeah.

Moss: (British accent) Sometimes, it gets a little bit wonky with our emotions and breast tenderness, it’s a little embarrassing to be quite certain.

Matt: I see. So I see you’ve embraced it, it seems that you like to show off this image, now. How is Jen doing, by the way?

Moss: (British accent) Well, Jen unfortunately couldn’t make it… because of Aunt Irma.

Matt: Because of Aunt Irma.

Moss: (British accent) It gets a little bit unwieldy having her out of sorts with her wild hair and her womanly ways, and all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily proper for small children or… anyone.

Matt: Probably a wise decision, yes. Alright, so how long have you been coming to Dragon*Con?

At this point Lucien stops speaking in character, and drops the British accent.

Lucien: I’m going to break character I guess, for that one since it’s a knocker, but I first started in 1996, so I’ve been coming for… 16 years. Yeah, 16 years, that’s a long time.

Matt: Yeah, so you’re from the area, I take it?

Lucien: I’ve lived in Georgia for about half of my life, I was originally from California.

Matt: I see.

Lucien: So I moved out here, and go back and forth quite frequently to visit family, stuff like that, so. How long have you been being coming to the Con?

Matt: This is my third year, and his first year.

Lucien: Awesome, first year. Nice!

Matt: First year, yeah. And we just arrived, and just bumped into Lucien who also – when I came here last year, I saw him, and thought he had the best costume.

Lucien: Thank you sir, I appreciate that. That’s awesome, dude.

Matt: You’re welcome. So I wrote a blog post, and he happened to find it randomly, so it’s just really funny that the first person I encounter here is Lucien. So, very good, and you’re rocking that uniform again, I like.

Lucien: Absolutely.

Matt: Like the accent, you really have that down.

Lucien: I try, sometimes it gets hard, like his pronunciation is a little weird after certain vowel sounds, so it’s really hard to capture it. But, I do the best I can, you have to practice for like weeks in advance.

Matt: That’s some dedication.

Lucien: It is.

Matt: I see you also embody the body language.

Lucien: Yes, that’s really important. That was killer for me, because if I’m going to do the costume, I feel it’s important to be in costume, I think it’s important to be in character all the time. When I have my next one on which is, like I said his character from The Watch, I try to – he doesn’t have much speaking parts in that, but he’s – I don’t want to spoil it on camera since you haven’t seen it, but I have a prop from it that’s very distinctive.

Matt: I see.

Lucien: Hopefully, you know, it’ll be – his character is similar, so it should be easy.

Matt: Okay, so it’s been a pleasure meeting up with you, and by the way, just so you know, we come from Montreal, Canada.

Lucien: Oh, seriously!

Matt: We fly down, yeah.

Lucien: That’s awesome. Yeah, everyone comes from all around, that’s always nice. I have a guy who came, I met him yesterday, he’s dressed as Rimmer from Red Dwarf –

Matt: Okay. I’m not familiar with it, but go ahead.

Lucien: It’s an old 1980s British sci-fi comedy –

Matt: Right.

Lucien: He’s here, and he came from Australia.

Matt: Nice.

Lucien: First Dragon*Con, awesome.

Matt: Very nice. Great, so yea, good seeing you and  –

Lucien: Absolutely.

Matt: So see you again.