Magician in a Hat


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Michael Mirth
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Alright, so I’m here at Dragon*Con 2012, and I just saw this gentleman. I have to ask: did you wake up this morning and think “today, I’d like the rabbit to carry me around?”

Michael Mirth: (laughs) That’s ri – well, he said so, actually.

Matt: Yeah.

Michael: I didn’t have much to do with it, really.

Matt: That’s – alright, that’s pretty elaborate.

Michael: I’ve been wanting to bring this costume to Dragon*Con for about seven years, since I’ve made it. But I never had a trailer, because it’s so large – it wouldn’t fit in my jeep.

Matt: Yeah, it’s pretty elaborate.

Michael: Yes, there’s a lot of parts to it.

Matt: Alright, so where did the idea come from? Where did this – I need to know.

Michael: (laughs) Well I once saw someone that had a rabbit costume with an Easter egg, and inside the Easter egg he was carrying a person. And I thought, I’m a magician, so I could do that with a magic hat.┬áThen I could walk in parades, do grand openings, and that sort of thing. So I built the costume for those kinds of venues.

Matt: Very nice, and so you’re a magician – is there a domain or a site you’d like to mention?

Michael: Yes, it’s

Matt: Repeat that? Sorry.

Michael: My name is Michael Mirth, and the site is

Matt: Okay, excellent.

Michael: Thanks for the plug!

Matt: Yeah, no problem. Is this the first time you come to Dragon*Con?

Michael: No, I’ve been coming to Dragon*Con for about seven years, and I’m typically a vendor. But evenings, you know, the costume is the party, basically, so I like to be part of this as well.

Matt: Very good. You look comfortable, how are you feeling?

Michael: It’s not too bad! This is fiberglass, so it’s not terribly weighty, and it weighs about the same in back as it does in front, so it’s balanced front to back.

Matt: Okay, and maneuvering in this?

Michael: Not too bad. Well, it’s all up to the rabbit, really, I don’t have much say in it.

Matt: That’s right, he’s doing a good job.

Michael: He is, he is. But it’s really all me, you know.

Matt: Is he expecting a carrot on the way home?

Michael: (laughs) Yeah, you guys didn’t?

Matt: Oh, we didn’t expect rabbits to carry people around.

Michael: Because that’s in the contract, man. Magician animals union, he wants a limousine after this.

Matt: (laughs)

Michael: (laughs)

Matt: Alright, it was a pleasure talking to you – excellent costume, excellent costume.

Michael: My pleasure, thank you so much.

Matt: Thanks.