Aaron sells a very limited amount of his creations off his website, check it out if you’re into high quality costumes.


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Aaron Granofsky
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: Once again at Dragon*Con 2012, and I just had to stop to talk to Link right here because I was particularly impressed with his costume. I remember Ocarina of Time very well, and I know that’s not the standard shield – I remember this shield, it was very useful. I also recall that the tunic is normally green, so if you could tell us a little more about the costume, and your design, your decisions.

Aaron Granofsky: Alright. Technically, this is the Twilight Princess Zelda version, but I wanted to make the Ocarina of Time mirror shield, so I built the mirror shield and just added it to the Twilight Princess. But Twilight Princess typically has Zora armor, but I didn’t know that before making the costume, so I made a blue version like Ocarina of Time, so I kinda just swapped all the different games into one.

Matt: I see. Do you remember, because it’s been a while since I played this, do you remember the effect of the blue tunic?

Aaron: Yes, the blue tunic allowed you to breathe underwater without a time limit.

Matt: That’s it, okay. And the mirror shield allowed you to reflect light and things like that.

Aaron: Yep.

Matt: Is this completely your creation?

Aaron: Pretty much, yep, everything.

Matt: I believe you had a site you wanted to mention?

Aaron: Yes, I have site called Fiberglass Blades, and it has all the tutorials on how I make this, and other ways of getting a copy of this as well. (Note from Matt: Aaron sells a very limited amount of his creations off his website, check it out if you’re into high quality costumes.)

Matt: And are you from around here?

Aaron: I’m from the Maryland area, just figured I’d check out Dragon*Con, I heard it’s pretty big, just decided to see what it’s like.

Matt: Great, and your thoughts so far?

Aaron: It’s quite massive, it’s quite different experience than the typical anime conventions I’m used to. It’s pretty fun.

Matt: Excellent. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I hope you enjoy the rest. Um, your name again?

Aaron: Aaron Granofsky.

Matt: And so far, have you seen other Legend of Zelda costumes?

Aaron: I have seen a few Links and other ones, Princess Zelda.

Matt: So I take it you got plenty of photos with them, good times?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, we’ve been going around, we’ve been teaming up and getting photos together.

Matt: Alright, excellent. So have a good time, and thanks a lot for taking the time to interview with us.

Aaron: Alright, thanks.

Matt: Thank you. (reaches to shake hand) Let me see if I can shake your shield hand there. (laughs)

Aaron: (laughs)

Matt: Thanks.