Harley Quinn and Batman’s Severed Head


Hosted and Edited by:
Matt Refghi
Filmed by:
Joseph Pereira


Matt Refghi: I never expected to encounter this at Dragon*Con, it seems that Batman has met his end. So what are you going to do, Harley, now that Batman is gone?

Harley Quinn: Well, now that the Bat is gone, Mr. J wants me to go after Robin, little nancy-boy.

Matt: Well, Robin’s the only left right now.

Harley: He is.

Matt: So he probably has new tricks up his sleeve.

Harley: Robin is a six-year-old loser, he can’t do anything to me.

Matt: (laughs) Okay. So I was wondering, is this your first time at Dragon*Con?

Harley: No, this is fourth year, and it’s just as amazing as always.

Matt: Excellent. Is this the first costume you wear?

Harley: Yes, I’ve worn Harley Quinn all four years, and I will continue to.

Matt: Alright. Is this a recent addition, the severed head.

Harley: I added the severed head last year because I wanted to do something different that wasn’t just a weapon.

Matt: Does that have something to do with the amount of Batmans that you saw. And you wanted to perhaps have a different take on Batman, a dead Batman.

Harley: Oh yes, absolutely. I wanted him to have rotted teeth, and look as horrible as possible.

Matt: (laughs) Okay. And, what’s your favorite part about Dragon*Con?

Harley: Everything.

Matt: (laughs) Everything. Okay, I can agree with that. That’s great, very good meeting you, and I’m glad – well, I’m not glad about Batman’s demise.

Harley: I am.

Matt: Well, okay, okay. Well, I’m happy for you, but I’m gonna miss Bats, I’m gonna miss Bats. But then Robin isn’t really the same thing.

Harley: No.

Matt: So you can kill him, that’s okay.

Harley: I’ll kill him tomorrow, it’ll be easy.

Matt: Alright, that’s great. And your name, by the way?

Harley: Is Molly.

Matt: Alright, Molly. It’s a very nice costume, and nice meeting you.

Harley: Nice meeting you.

Matt: Thank you for interviewing.