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October 4, 2010

Identifying a Font from an Image

Ever looked at a logo, and wondered what font the designer used? From an image alone, identifying the specific font can be difficult, particularly if it isn't among those commonly seen on the web. Thankfully, a web service titled "WhatTheFont"  facilitates this very scenario, while also allowing users to buy the font, once identified. Below are screenshots revealing how to use the service, with the Google logo uploaded as an example. As the above image illustrates, the service is pretty good at identifying characters, but it isn't perfect. It asks the user to identify specific letters, eliminating the risk of false assumptions. Once the user validation step is done, the search results are shown. Clicking on any of the search results will bring up  a page dedicated to…
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October 1, 2010

Searching With Images

All over the web, countless images can be seen. For the longest time, I took the presence of images for granted. That is, until I found an image I really liked, to the point where I wanted to know where it originated. My intention was to seek out additional images from the same photographer. Alas, I soon discovered that finding an image based solely on the visual content isn't very straightforward. Back then, I was unable to find the source. To simulate the problem I had, consider this image: If I didn't link to the photographer's page, or even mention his name, how would you know where the image came from? Sure, the filename can be a hint, but it may have been modified. After…
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September 29, 2010

Moments Of Questionable Coincidence

Over the last two years, I've found myself in numerous situations where I'm minding my own business, and something unexpected occurs. I will describe these below, as the possible explanations are intriguing. Photo by caribb The first experience I will describe occurred on a day where I needed to head straight from work to the bank. They had received a card in my name, and I needed to pick it up. After the pick-up, my plan was to head back into the city, as I had plans to watch a movie with friends. I was using Montreal's metro system to get these tasks done, as I always do. When I left the metro, and began walking towards my bank, a strange thought popped into my…
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November 14, 2009

A Good Place to Find Free Loading Animations

As I was working on one of my personal web development projects today, I realized I would need a loading animation. Thankfully, I remembered a very useful web service I discovered a long time ago - The site is specifically designed to provide free, customizable loading animations - in GIF format.  They have at least 25 different types of loading animations - so if you're looking for one, I recommend you check what they have to offer. As for the "free" factor - in case you're wondering: there aren't any specific licenses associated with the images, but the front page clearly states that "generated gifs are totally free for use". That said, enjoy.
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November 2, 2009

An Easier Way to Search for Domain Names

In the past, whenever I wanted to search for available domain names, I checked with individual domain registrars. While this worked, it really wasn't optimal- every time I wanted to check another domain's availability, I had to press Back in my browser, re-enter a domain, re-submit the request, and then I'd know. Most websites were set up like this, unfortunately. Furthermore, if I wanted to compare domain registration fees, I'd have to check multiple websites. I'm happy to say that these inconveniences are now no longer an issue. The solution lies in a site called Instant Domain Search. The webpage aims to facilitate the process of searching for a domain, and to do so, it: searches automatically as you type lists different rates from leading registrars lists domains names…