March 4, 2014

Update #5: New Hal-Con 2013 Interviews, Portal 2 Video

People of the internet, hello! How are things? Good? Everything shiny? Glad to hear. On my side, I'm happy to the report numerous new additions in this update. One exciting little tidbit is that I'm down to one last Dragon Con 2013 video, and though it's not fully finished yet, it will be ready quite soon! I'm also set to attend another convention, shortly, and that'll mean more interviews in the near future. In fact, overall, I'm ramping up production in all of my content creation plans. It's an exciting time! Added four Hal-Con 2013 interviews: Steampunk Beast Big Bird and Evil Elmo Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear (Attack on Titan) Robin Added the second part to my Portal 2 Let's Play…
February 23, 2014

Update #4: New Dragon Con 2013 Interview, Transcription, Let’s Play Series, Facebook Page

Hello again! This update will list what I've accomplished over the past month or so. Once again, the limiting factor here is that I can't reveal everything I'm working on. You can expect more information about some of these additions in future posts. Added one more Dragon Con 2013 interview: BMO. Something unique happens in the middle of that interview, so look for that when watching. I even wrote a blog post about it, and transcribed it soon after uploading. Added the first video in a new Let's Play series, one where I play through a friend's Portal 2 map. Expect a post about this initiative in the near future. Launched a new Facebook page to represent my content creation efforts. If you…
January 19, 2014

Weekly Update #3: Website Improvements, New Dragon Con 2013 Transcription

Hi, all! This week's updates have mainly been about improving my website as a platform, rather than introducing new content. The original plan was to finalize at least one of the two remaining Dragon Con interviews, but my schedule ended up busier than I anticipated. This is partially because, as I hinted previously, I'm working towards something big on the side, and am still figuring out how transparent I want to be throughout the process. Also, the interview in question requires more editing than most, and thus, I will need more time to get it right. So, the updates: Added a new visual style to the top-level interview pages, one which lists all individual interviews in a visual fashion, rather than with a simple bullet list.…
January 12, 2014

Weekly Update #2: New Dragon Con 2013 Interviews, Transcriptions

In an effort to be more transparent in my work, I thought it'd be a good idea to start posting weekly updates. Over time, these updates will be mixed in with regular, creative posts, but for now, I'm thinking extra information is better than total silence. So, without further delay, here's what's new: Added three more Dragon Con 2013 interviews: McDonald’s Crew – Ronald, Grimace, and the Hamburglar Devon D'amo (Female Punisher/Bane) Lucy van Pelt Transcribed two Dragon Con 2013 interviews. Cecil Sinclaire and Carla Rhodes Assassin’s Creed Modified font styles throughout the website to improve readability. Further improvements coming soon. Added descriptions to many of the Dragon Con 2013 interview pages. More coming soon. There you have it. My focus for…
January 4, 2014

Weekly Update #1: Where I’m At With The Interviews

Our camera set up from Dragon Con 2013 Hi all! I've been less active, as of late, and I wanted to give you all some insight into what's been going on. The main piece of news is that I attended three conventions this year, and I hosted interviews at two: Dragon Con 2013, and Hal-Con 2013. At the moment, I'm still working hard on getting all those interviews edited and published. If you interviewed with me, and you have yet to see your footage, rest assured that I have not forgotten - I'm just heavily backlogged. One reason behind these delays is that I'm working on something big on the side, and that project relates to everything that I do in a really exciting way.…