How to Disable Notifications from Printers in Windows 10

By July 1, 2020 July 5th, 2020 Tutorials

I’m the type of guy that keeps multiple replacement toners on hand, for my printer, just in case. But when I get warned that my toner is low, I don’t necessarily want to replace it immediately. What I noticed with my Brother printer is that it sure loves to remind me that my toner is low, and it chooses to make a pop-up appear with a bright yellow message, grabbing my attention.

Of course there’s a financial incentive for me to replace my toner as soon as possible – so I understand why they’re doing this. It is of course entirely true that the print quality would be better if I replaced the toner immediately, no doubt about it. But my only objection is the frequency at which they show this message. I’d say it probably appears once per hour – but I might be wrong about the exact timing – this is annoying, especially if I’m in the middle of recording a tutorial.

So, of course, I wondered if there was a way to remove that alert/notification.


And there was! However, a word of warning before you do this. While these pop-up alerts are annoying, it’s not really possible as far as I know to only eliminate specific types of pop-ups. What we’ll be doing is disabling the printer’s ability to show notifications in Windows. That’s… a bit extreme. What if your printer wants to tell you it’s out of paper… will it be able to, if we turn that setting off?

So anyway, assuming you’re okay with taking such an extreme measure, here are the steps. You’ll probably need administrative access.

  1. Press the Windows/Start button, and click the Gear icon (Settings).
  2. Click “Devices.”
  3. Click “Printers & Scanners” on the left.
  4. On the right, under “Related settings,” you should see an option called “Printer server properties” – click that.
  5. In the “Printer Server Properties” dialog that appears, click the “Advanced” tab. 
  6. There’s two checkboxes here. You need to uncheck the option that corresponds to the type of printer you have.
    1. Show informational notifications for local printers
    2. Show informational notifications for network printers

“Network” means a printer that’s on the network, connected via a physical network cable… and I suppose WiFi also counts as well. And “local” is a printer that’s connected to your machine via a USB cable or something like that.