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How to Maximize Screen Space in Excel Online

By June 22, 2020June 23rd, 2020Tutorials


“Hi everyone. Let’s say you’re working in Excel Online, and you find that you’re not able to see enough of the document at a time.

Alright so, by saying, by Excel Online I mean in the browser, right? So this is an Excel document open in a browser. It looks a bit ridiculous of course because there’s a giant smiley face, but the idea behind this example is that let’s say I need to see many rows of data at a time, and I’m just not able to see them all in the browser… what can I do to improve the situation? In this case we’re just going to use the smiley as an example. What do I do to see the full smiley face? Well there’s a few things you can do, there’s really basic stuff like for example maximizing the window, you know, in Windows, up here, right? That could just maximize it, but often that gives more width than it does height, so it’s not that useful, so for the sake of this video I’m just going to go back to this, to keeping this size.

But, alright, so what else can we do, right? Well, one thing we can do is there’s the ribbon up top here. The ribbon is the area in Excel with all the controls. Well, if you look all the way on the right, there’s a little arrow right here, right? A little arrow, on the right. If you click that, or actually hover over it, it says “collapse the ribbon”. And if you click it, the ribbon actually hides itself, which is great, I mean that removes a lot of space that’s wasted, air quotes, it really depends on whether you need it. So with that space gone, I can scroll down and well, I can see more of the smiley, but not quite all of it.

The next step really that I recommend to solve the situation is to simply zoom out in the browser… that really is the easiest way. So in this case I’m using Google Chrome, I’m going to go to the top right where there’s a triple dot icon up here. Okay, and then I’m going to click that triple dot and then here there’s some zoom options, currently I’m zoomed in 100%, it says, which is no zoom at all, so what I’m going to do is reduce that until I see as much as I need and then I’ll scroll and then perfect, I’ve got the smiley face perfectly in frame.

Now you might ask me, you know, Matt, why didn’t you for example unfreeze the panes that are here? I mean the top five rows are kind of wasted, right, they’re always sticking around. So what I wanted was a scenario where the pane was kind of valuable, and in this case the author of the document, his intention was probably to leave the copyright information always visible because the smiley face itself is actually, you know, a public domain asset, and so that could have been the idea, and yes, I could have easily gone to “View” and then clicked “Freeze Panes,” and then clicked “Unfreeze panes,” I’ll just show you this quickly. You could unfreeze the panes. This would have released the top five rows, and then I could have easily scrolled away and saw more, but that would have changed the document. The other methods that I showed don’t change the document itself, they just change your browser’s configuration.

Anyway so that’s a bit of extra info, hope it’s useful.”

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