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Converting Old Office Files Into DOCX, XLSX, PPTX

By October 7, 2019June 23rd, 2020Tips & Tricks, Tutorials


“Hi everyone. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to convert old Office files into their newer formats. So by old files I mean the DOC extension, the XLS extension, or the PPT extension, how to convert those into their X equivalents. So DOCX, XLSX.

So what happened is, in Office 2007, Microsoft introduced these newer formats, the X formats, so it’s possible that when you encounter old Office files, that you sometimes have to convert them to the newer formats – there’s a number of reasons why you’d want to do this, but let’s say you need to do this.

Let’s start the Word document, let’s open it up. Once it opens up in Word, it’s actually really simple to convert – top left corner, you’ll notice that there’s a File menu, click on that, and then you can click “Save As,” again on the left, and then you can click “Browse,” in this case I want to click Browse because I want to choose where my file will be saved. And this is definitely the folder where I want to save it.

So here’s what you need to notice. Underneath the filename you’ll see it says “Save as type,” right? So save as type is currently set to Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc) – we need to change that. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on the “Save as type” dropdown, and I’m going to select the first option “Word Document (*.docx)”, that’s what you need to select – Word Document, and it ends with DOCX. So I’m going to select that, and then I’m just going to press Save. It’s really that simple, it did the conversion.

You might also get a pop-up saying hey, you’re being converted to the new format, that’s fine, you can click OK to that. Just be mindful if there’s any other pop-ups, something that says like oh there’s been an error in the conversion, something went wrong, that you have be more careful of, but in general Word does a pretty good job unless you’re dealing with complex documents. So we’re going to save this, close it. And as you can tell now, I have two files, I have the DOC and I have the DOCX. Pretty simple.

Now, I can do the exact same thing with the PowerPoint file and with the Excel file. So just for the sake of the exercise, I’m going to open up the Excel file, and we’ll do the same thing. Here’s the file, I’m going to go to the top left, I’m going to click File, I’m going to then click “Save as,” I will click Browse, and here it says Excel 97-2003 Workbook – that’s nice, but that’s not what we want, so we’re going to change it to where it says “Excel workbook,” which ends in XLSX, the new format. And then we’re going to press Save. And that’s it – you can even see up top right now, the extension is XLSX.

And that, is how you convert Office files. The procedure will be the same for PowerPoint, other files from Office. And I would just say in general, be mindful of error messages that come up when you do the conversion, but if your document isn’t too complicated, you probably won’t have error messages. So that’s it, hope this helps.”

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