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How to Hide the Tools Pane in Adobe Reader DC

By January 2, 2018Tutorials


“Hi everyone. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to hide the Tools Pane from Adobe Reader DC. I’ll be showing it under Windows 10. So you know when you’re opening a PDF with Adobe Reader? On the right hand side, there’s this special section known as the Tools Pane. It’s an area that has several functions: Export PDF, Create PDF, and a bunch of other things.

Now, generally speaking, I find this section obstructive, more than anything. So it’s in the way. I would like, for example, the Adobe Reader window to utilize the full width of the window, not just a portion of it because of this sidebar. So in order to hide the sidebar, I click on the arrow here. Now that’s fine, but when you close the window and then re-open a PDF, any PDF, you’ll notice that it’s not gone, it was just temporarily hidden. And similarly, and if you go to the View menu up top and then click Show/Hide, and then un-check it from here, and then close the window, and then re-open it, you’re in the same situation, it just comes right back.

So how do you remove it permanently? Here’s how. Up top where you have File, Edit, and View, I want you to click Edit, click Preferences at the very bottom of that menu, and then here, make sure that you’re in the Documents section on the left. If you’re not, just click Documents. When you’ve clicked Documents, you’ll notice there’s a section called Open Settings visible. And in the Open Settings section, there’s an option called Remember current state of Tools Pane. That’s the one you want to check – so go ahead and check that option, and then very simply, click OK.

Now what that does is it tells Adobe that when you’ve made a selection about whether the Tools Pane should be visible or not, that it should remember that, so it should remember the state of the pane. So right now, if I were to close Adobe Reader, there’s no change, in the sense that when I re-open it, the pane is still there, it’s remembering the state. Now if I close it, the state is now closed – so if I close Adobe Reader, open it again, it’s gone. And that’s how you get rid of the Tools Pane.”

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