Sleep Apnea?

By February 25, 2017 May 27th, 2017 Personal Stories


Hey everybody. I went to the doctor recently, and it became clear that I might have sleep apnea. I had been feeling tired for a while, I wanted a blood test, the doctor agreed that a blood test was a good idea, but he brought up the idea of sleep apea.

Then it hit me, I had been told before that I was a bit weird in my sleep when it came to breathing. A girlfriend of mine told me that I would hold my breath and then pfff, release it, which is weird, so, so anyway, I got the form for the blood test, took it home, have an appointment, but, in the interim, in the meantime, I also wanted to test the theory of sleep apnea. Now I sleep alone 90% of the time, so what I did was I decided I would put a camera on a tripod, in fact, my phone, on the tripod, and have it record me all night as I slept, which meant I would need the light on, but I figured I could do this by having some sort of, uh, a winter ear band over my eyes as kind of a comfortable blindfold.

So I had that idea, but without a few minutes of having that thing running, I realized that oooh, it’s getting pretty hot. And it is a Note 4, it’s not a Note 7, known to explode, but, I was like, okay, I better be careful here, I don’t wanna damage my phone. So I cancelled that, and the next night, I took it a bit further. I brought my studio light from my green screen kit into my room, pointed it at me, so that I still had light but not as much light as before. And then I plugged in a laptop, external hard drive, and a webcam, and hooked it all up, and when I went to bed, sure enough, I turned that beast on, I verbally said the time. Went to bed, woke up like four hours later and wanted nothing to do with that light anymore, so I shut it off, and saved that video file it was recording.

And, well, you know what I got out of that? Conclusive evidence that I snore, that’s pretty much it. I don’t know that I found anything sleep apnea related. I don’t know that anything I would find would be conclusive anyway given that it’s an amateur video and it doesn’t have any of the right measuring instruments that a doctor would recommended. But I just thought I’d be a nut and try that myself. It was a cool little project!