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How to Use Task Manager’s Hidden Tiny Footprint Mode

By December 5, 2016January 6th, 2017Tutorials


Now, if you’re a Windows user, there’s a certain point in your life where you learn that Ctrl+Alt+Del is your best friend. From Ctrl+Alt+Del, you can actually pop up the task manager. So, I can’t show Ctrl+Alt+Del on screen here, because of the way my video capturing software works, but that’s one way to pop-up task manager. The other way is to simply right-click in the taskbar in Windows, so down here for example. And then you’ll notice that there’s a task manager option. I can simply select that to launch task manager.

But regardless how you do it, I wanted to quickly show you a feature that not many people necessarily encounter. So over here you see a simplified list of apps. I can naturally right-click, end them, run a new task, I can do a number of things here. However, if you click More details in the bottom left, you’ll notice that of course, there are more details, there’s more information, multiple tabs, now, I’ll leave you to explore this on your own time, the only thing I wanted to show you that you might not realize is that the performance tab is special.

They don’t tell you why, but if you click here, you’ll notice that there’s pretty little charts, they’re happening in real time, all good, but if you double-click anywhere on the right here, I think pretty much anywhere, but typically I double-click here. You’ll notice it turns into another type of window. It hides all the extra noise, and you just see the chart you care about.

Now this can be useful if you wanna work while keeping an eye on the performance of your computer for example, so I can stick it in the corner, and work on some stuff in the left-hand-side of my screen, and still know what’s happening with my CPU performance.

Now they call this “tiny footprint” mode, but they don’t really explain that it exists. So sometimes people accidentally double-click when they’re in this window, and they find themselves here, and they don’t know how to come back. Well, to come back, you double-click again, simply, to return, but I kind of wish they would explain it, but I still think it’s a nifty little feature in Windows 10.

You can also of course select other sections and have that appear. You can also resize when in this mode, and, oddly enough, other tabs do not have the same feature, so you can go around double-clicking to your heart’s content, yet, it doesn’t work. So, why did they only add it to this tab? Probably because it’s pretty graphs – again, they could have told us, but at least now you know, so go ahead and enjoy.

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