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How to Send Photos as Attachments in Gmail

By December 2, 2016January 6th, 2017Tutorials


A while back, Gmail decided to change the look of the Compose Email interface, I’m talking about this feature right here. When you press Compose, in the past there used to be a full screen editor. Right now what they have is a little pop-up like this that writes New Message, to, subject, cc, bcc, has a place to type your message, and then of course you can send, and there’s some controls.

Now, this is different… but let’s go ahead and do what I’m looking to do, which is attaching a file. I have this photo right here. Let’s say I wanna send this photo to myself. My instinct, to get this done, is to drag the photo, and then drop it within the browser. Most modern websites support this – and of course Gmail does. Notice here? It’s saying “Drop files here”… so, this is encouraging… if I drop the file there, it should attach it, right? So I’ll go ahead and put my email up here, and I’ll write “photos,” okay, so it’s attached graphically, it seems. So I will send it to myself, and immediately check my own inbox.

Hmm. Notice what we see here? There is no attachment, normally, there’s supposed to be a paperclip, there’s no attachment. Instead, there’s this graphic built-into the e-mail. There’s a little arrow which then lets the person download it, but initially, they just see a preview. Maybe what I want is the old-school attachment system. That’s what I grew up with, and that’s what I’m used to seeing – I don’t like the idea of the preview – maybe it’s important to me that they see the fullest version of the file in their monitor.

If I want that, here’s how you do it. You simply click Compose, and when you’re here, you have two options. You can either click on the little attachment symbol down here, it says Attach Files. And then select the file from here, by going to desktop, doing whatever you want.

Or, and here’s what’s sneaky. You can actually grab the photo just like I did before, drag it, and instead of dropping it in this super attractive area, here, go down, to here, believe it or not, if you drop it here, Gmail interprets it as an attachment.

Isn’t that kinda special? Anyway, I hope this little trick helps you guys. I thought it was really not obvious to begin with. And I figured this could help a few people.

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