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By November 21, 2016Personal Stories


Hey everyone, it’s snowing outside and I’m really looking forward to going to the mountain today. I didn’t plan on this snow, but it’s going to be worth it, check it out. That’s where I’m going.

I’m on my way to the mountain now and I just overheard someone saying that they hate this weather. Why would they hate this weather? Isn’t it fantastic to be hit in the face with snow? To each their own I suppose. I just came back from actually signing up for my student ID for Concordia. It makes me pretty happy and not so much because it’s Concordia, not that there’s anything wrong with Concordia, moreso because it’s a symbol of lifelong learning. So in a few minutes, I will speak to you from higher up the mountain.

Just crossing the street here, I don’t know how anybody could dislike this weather, I mean, I get it, when you drive in it, it’s a pain in the ass, but look at this, I mean look at this. Look at this!

It’s fantastic out here.

Alright, so it’s true, there wasn’t that much to see out there, low visibility, but, still totally worth it, I love being out here. There’s just something totally different about the aesthetics this time of year. It’s fun to be back.

So on the very last day of my 30 day challenge, the climb to Mount Royal, I was looking on Reddit while I was walking up to the mountain, and I saw a post by a writer named Charles Chu. Now Charles Chu posted to Reddit asking if somebody else wanted to join him in a 30 day challenge that involved writing, every day, and publishing content to a blog. And, among his rules he had the penalty of losing $1000 and giving it away to somebody random, if he failed to uphold is 30 day challenge.

The timing was impeccable. Of course, I’m totally fine with blogging, and I like the idea of 30 day challenges, and I had just finished a challenge, so. I basically agreed. So if you take a look on my blog, you’ll see that 30 day challenge #4 involves blogging every day, but to be fair I changed the rules quite a bit for me. So, instead of blogging every day, more specifically, I’m allowed to post videos, I’m allowed to post blog posts of any sort, of no particular length, keeping in mind that for me to actually publish something I have to be happy enough with it. And if I’m not, I’m not going to publish it… so, I kinda use my own obsessive, you know, desire for having good content to kind of fuel the challenge right there.

Anyway, so I’m definitely doing it with Charles, I think it’s a great effort, and it will be the last challenge I do for a little bit because I’m starting school soon. But, for now it’s about publishing something every day. Today, it’s probably this video you’re seeing right now. I think it’s just a great way to force yourself to be creative, well, not force yourself to be creative, but I think it’s just a great way to stimulate content creation. I don’t see why I… to me, I don’t know why I’m not doing this every day of my life. The only thing that’s kind of an issue, the only thing that’s kind of an issue is that I’m not necessarily pleased with everything I put out as much as I would be if I took more time to perfect it. So, maybe it’s… the once a day thing will have more to do with vlogging, or tutorials, things like that that are easier to pull off in one day. When it comes to blog posts that are written, that are comical, I typically need a little more time to make them really funny. Or, as funny as possible, as well written as possible.

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