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How to Change the Default Homepage and Search Engine in Internet Explorer 11

By November 25, 2016Tutorials


In this video, I’ll be showing you how to change the homepage and the default search engine in Internet Explorer 11. Now, while I am using IE 11, keep in mind that these steps may work in IE 10, or even IE 9.

Alright, so the first thing that happens when I launch Internet Explorer is typically I get hit in the face with MSN. MSN is a very busy website, and some people like it, but me, personally, the first thing I want to do is get this monstrosity out of my face. So to do that, I have to first click the gear button in the top right, I’m just gonna zoom it so you can see it here: tools.

So I click tools, and then I scroll down to options, Internet options, and I’m gonna click that. Now the first field that you see is actually the first field that’s actually selected, is this one right here, called Home page. It’s fairly straight-forward – simply changing this to Google. I’m gonna put Https, the Canadian version, and s for secure, so it has higher security. I’m then gonna click apply, and then I’m gonna click OK. So this solve the home problem, and I can test that just by clicking the little house icon in the toolbar here. Goes straight to Google, much better. If I type a search, it goes to what I want, everything’s cool.

But what if I type something up here? “I’m searching.” Oh, look at that, it went to Bing. You know, Bing is not the worst, but personally, I’m a big fan of Google, so I definitely want this to be changed to Google. To achieve that, we have to click on the gear again, and here there’s an option called “manage add-ons,” click that option. On the left, you’ll notice “search providers,” second option. I’m gonna click that. And here all I see is Bing, of course.

Now the solution is to locate the link at the bottom that’s kind of not obvious, that’s written “Find more search providers,” that’s what I’m interested in. Bottom left. I’m gonna click that. Now, on this page, they have a gallery which has different search options, so simply scroll, and there’s Google Search. I’m gonna click add.

Okay. And I get a pop-up, now this is important. I would like to use search suggestions from this provider, notice the checkbox there? I’m gonna leave that checked, because that is what I want. Okay, I’m gonna add. Perfect. Now, it’s been added, but this is not totally clear. In any case, all I have to do now is close this window, and I have to close this as well, manage add-ons. And then I have to go back to the gear, back to manage add-ons, and back to the search providers section. Now I see that both Bing and Google are there. Alright… but notice this: status, default, for Bing. That means that even if I try to type a search again like I’m searching in the address bar, it’s still gonna pop up Bing. So what I have to do now is right-click, actually left-click Google, right-click “Set as default.” Perfect. Now all I have to do is press Close. And then I can try doing my search again. Ah, Google. Much better.

Now, to each their own of course, if you like MSN, or you like IE, and things like that, that’s fine. It’s just that personally, I’m all about the Google, and so that’s how you can configure Internet Explorer to have Google as the search engine and the homepage.

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