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How to Add Hiberation to the Power Options in Windows 10

By November 30, 2016Tutorials


Okay, everybody, here’s how you can add Hibernate to the list of power options in Windows 10, in case it’s missing. You can also use the same steps to remove it, of course.

So Windows 10 has a number of power options: Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart. These are all pretty well known by people. What you need to know about Hibernate is that it’s kind of like Sleep, except it does not keep it in a low power state, it actually shuts down. So Hibernate will take the computer offline, but it will also save the exact state you were in, all the windows, you had opened, all the files you were working on, whatever, it will actually save them to the hard drive in a special file that’s a few gigs in size, usually. So you get to save power, the computer’s off, but when it reboots, it actually remembers exactly where you were.

So here’s how you can add that option. Click the windows button, and type “Power Options”. Now in this particular screen, you’ll see some options on the left that you need to pay attention to. You see the one that says “choose what power buttons do”? Oddly enough that’s the one we need to click. So let’s do that, and in this list, you have a few things you can change, but if you notice at the bottom here: shutdown settings, Hibernate… notice how it’s unchecked? Exactly.

So if we wanna change that, hm, we can’t ’cause it’s grayed out, that’s because we have to have administrator rights, so up here I’m just gonna click “Change settings that are currently unavailable,” and then I’m going to select Hibernate from the list of options. And then I’m gonna click “Save changes”.

There you go. Now I can actually click the Windows button, and if I click the Power Options, Hibernate is there.

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