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The CS Gas Incident

By October 1, 2014October 2nd, 2014Humor, Recommendations

So I’m not sure what I was doing, initially, but at a certain point in time, I found myself watching a YouTube video of some random guy shaving his own head. This, of course, is the exact type of situation that YouTube can bring about with its near-endless collection of videos. (According to them100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. That’s a lot of cats.) So regardless of the original idea that triggered my binge-watching, I evidently decided, at one point, that I wanted to know how people managed to shave their own domes. And so I got an answer to that question, and while doing so, I also discovered an interesting YouTube personality. Over time, I watched more of his videos, and eventually, subscribed.

US Army soldiers removing their gas masks as part of a drill

Photo by The U.S. Army

Though most of the videos I’ve watched were published 5-6 years ago, they still live on in my brain, and make me laugh. Meet Shawn Cannon, otherwise known as “mastergunner99” (a nickname he got in the military for being really good at shooting accurately). This military background brought forth interesting stories, one of which I felt I just had to share today. The video’s titled “Hello Stupid,” and it’s a really entertaining recollection of what it was like for him to go through the U.S. military’s CS gas training. (This is where the military voluntarily exposes its soldiers to CS gas so they know what to expect in the event of a chemical attack.) Now, I know, this doesn’t sound too entertaining, but once you hear his tale, you’ll see what I mean: it’s all about his storytelling, plus his unfortunate luck. Those who enjoy black comedy will likely get a kick out of this. Sorry for what you lived, Shawn, but you made a lot of people laugh! Thanks for that.

If you liked that video, please consider liking, commenting, or even subscribing to his channel.

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