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Update #4: New Dragon Con 2013 Interview, Transcription, Let’s Play Series, Facebook Page

By February 23, 2014June 8th, 2014News

Hello again! This update will list what I’ve accomplished over the past month or so. Once again, the limiting factor here is that I can’t reveal everything I’m working on. You can expect more information about some of these additions in future posts.

  • Added one more Dragon Con 2013 interview: BMO. Something unique happens in the middle of that interview, so look for that when watching. I even wrote a blog post about it, and transcribed it soon after uploading.

  • Added the first video in a new Let’s Play series, one where I play through a friend’s Portal 2 map. Expect a post about this initiative in the near future.

  • Launched a new Facebook page to represent my content creation efforts. If you like my style, please consider supporting me by liking my page. I plan to share only the best of my stuff there.
  • Improved the overall visual style of the website. Rather than just having content on a plain white background, the website how has textured backgrounds on the left and right of the content.
  • Re-organized the main menu so it’s simpler for the average visitor, while also aligning it with my future plans.
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