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Weekly Update #3: Website Improvements, New Dragon Con 2013 Transcription

By January 19, 2014News

Hi, all! This week’s updates have mainly been about improving my website as a platform, rather than introducing new content. The original plan was to finalize at least one of the two remaining Dragon Con interviews, but my schedule ended up busier than I anticipated. This is partially because, as I hinted previously, I’m working towards something big on the side, and am still figuring out how transparent I want to be throughout the process. Also, the interview in question requires more editing than most, and thus, I will need more time to get it right. So, the updates:

  • Added a new visual style to the top-level interview pages, one which lists all individual interviews in a visual fashion, rather than with a simple bullet list. This new style was applied to all pages, including: Dragon Con 2012, Dragon Con 2013, and Hal-Con 2013.

An example of the new interview list

  • Changed all individual interview pages so that credits are listed using a new graphical style.

I also made sure that the section always appears before the transcript, which can be long.

  • Corrected cases where certain interviews weren’t showing up in the menus.
  • Added a few videos that were previously only viewable through YouTube.
  • Transcribed one Dragon Con 2013 interview: Devon D’amo

And that’s it for this week. See you next time!

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