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Weekly Update #1: Where I’m At With The Interviews

By January 4, 2014January 12th, 2014News

Our camera set up from Dragon Con 2013

Our camera set up from Dragon Con 2013

Hi all! I’ve been less active, as of late, and I wanted to give you all some insight into what’s been going on. The main piece of news is that I attended three conventions this year, and I hosted interviews at two: Dragon Con 2013, and Hal-Con 2013. At the moment, I’m still working hard on getting all those interviews edited and published. If you interviewed with me, and you have yet to see your footage, rest assured that I have not forgotten – I’m just heavily backlogged. One reason behind these delays is that I’m working on something big on the side, and that project relates to everything that I do in a really exciting way. Another reason is work, but that’s a constant factor in everyone’s life – the main cause for my delay is primarily the big project I have yet to reveal, in combination with typical life challenges that everyone faces.

Now, there’s more to this than just the delay itself, and the reasons behind it. I realized that I wasn’t being very transparent when it came to the interviews and my progress towards publishing them. I told people to check out my Twitter for news, but, by nature, Twitter can be a really noisy place – it’s not always easy to see what people are up to. So, to address this, and to better align myself with the end goal of the big, exciting project stated above, I decided to re-design my website. Previously, I had two sites: my personal website, and my blog. My┬ápersonal website was a more professionally-aligned site, one that showcased my portfolio, freelance offerings, resume, all that stuff. It had its own visual style to it, separate from my blog. Now, they’re combined into one site, with one style, and over time, the features from both my personal website and the blog will be fully offered in one place. This will allow me to better focus on improving the quality of a single offering, rather than splitting my efforts between multiple.

So, now that you know what’s up, here’s specifically where I’m at with the interviews:

  • Dragon Con 2013
    • 10 interviews and 1 rap video published. (Yes, a rap video… you read that correctly.)
    • 5 more videos are being edited at the moment, 4 of which are interviews.
    • 2 interviews have been fully transcribed. (None of these transcriptions are available through YouTube – that’s something that I’ll work on later.)
  • Hal-Con 2013
    • 1 interview has been published.
    • 8-12 interviews have yet to be edited. (I have yet to fully review these videos, so I can’t judge how many there will be in the end.)

You can look forward to having more posts from me in the future (I plan on posting news entries more often, like this one, rather than leaving you all to plunge into the complicated depths of my Twitter feed). Beyond that, the big project that I spoke of will soon start showing more of its influence.

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