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By November 15, 2012November 24th, 2013Costumes, Humor

Now that I’ve dipped into the topic of Halloween, here’s a picture of me getting kicked by a guy in a SWAT costume:

Notice how I’m still holding a glass, despite being cuffed? I’m dressed as Julian from Trailer Park Boys, a character who always walks around with a glass of liquor. Even in the most ridiculous scenarios, he’ll keep his glass in hand. Given my hair color and overall body type, I felt I could do his character justice – the result can be seen below.

Julian costume with sunglasses and gunJulian with Zoey from Left 4 Dead

And finally, here’s a really specific reference to first Trailer Park Boys short that was ever created (which was in black and white). Important: While I’m pointing a toy gun at a cat, I am not advocating violence towards animals – those who saw the short will understand.

Julian aims his gun at an innocent cat while drinking.


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