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How My Sister Made Her Own iPhone

By December 23, 2011January 15th, 2014Personal Stories

While I was in Atlanta earlier this year, I tried to convince my sister to buy herself an iPhone. Though I consider myself a PC enthusiast, I can’t deny Apple‘s prowess when it comes to delivering a superior user experience. So, with a firm belief in the iPhone, I proceeded to explain the many benefits of the device. When my sister started showing concern for the inconvenience of re-arranging her cellphone plans, and the associated cost, I suggested first trying an iPod Touch. After all, that’s how I came to own an iPhone – I had first tried the iPod, and was amazed by the experience. I then realized that carrying a regular cellphone plus an iPod would be a bit too much, especially since the iOS experience was clearly superior to my old device. So, given my thought process, and knowing that we had similar mindsets – I felt pretty confident she’d decide to buy an iPhone in the end.

Only, she didn’t. Instead, she took a completely different approach… she made her own. How? Well, she went ahead and taped her old phone to the iPod Touch. Yeah, that’s right, taped. When she first told me, I had quite a laugh; however, after some thought, I realized that it was pretty clever. Given this unusual proclamation, I figured I’d show you exactly how the beast was created to begin with, and then show you how it looks.

To create it, she needed the following items:

  • iPod Touch
  • iPod Touch Case
  • Regular cellphone
  • Double-sided carpet tape
  • Scissors

First, she unrolled some carpet tape onto a table.

A roll of carpet tape on a table, with a pair of scissors nearby. A certain length of the tape is unrolled, and ready to be cut.

She then put the iPod Touch in its case, and cut off a piece of the carpet tape – large enough that it would fit vertically down the back of the iPod. Using the iPod as a guide, she cut a piece of tape that was roughly 1.5 inches wide, and 2 inches tall.

Using the iPod as a guide, my sister lines herself up to cut off a piece of carpet tape.

Next, she removed the protective sheet from one side of the piece of tape. Then, she pressed the exposed portion of the tape to the back of the iPod case – while making sure that it wouldn’t obstruct the iPod’s camera.

Holding the iPod with the back facing up, my sister applies the carpet tape.

Finally, she removed the remaining protective sheet, and attached the back of the regular cellphone to the now-adhesive iPod cover. While, again, ensuring that the camera remained visible.

The final product - the iPod Touch is facing down, and the regular cellphone is visible. The iPod camera is clearly visible.

And that’s all she did. Now, you have to admit – that’s a fairly clever way to combine two devices. The use of carpet tape ensures that they can be separated whenever desired, without any damage. My only concern is that this makeshift iPhone might not be completely appropriate from a social and professional standpoint. I couldn’t see myself using such a device when I’m in a meeting with a client, for example. As clever as it is, I’m concerned it will suggest that the person is having cash flow issues. After all, if you have the cash, why not buy one complete device, rather than slapping two together? In any case, her creation is still fairly unique – see the action shots below, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The iPod Touch serves as extra grip, making the old cellphone easier to grasp.The superior iPod camera remains fully accessible.It's a pleasure to interact with the iPod Touch for most tasks. If needed, the old cellphone is just a flip away.
Her old cellphone has a slide-out keyboard, and it looks particularly cool with this setup.

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