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Visual Feedback in Google+

By July 11, 2011April 16th, 2014Development

I’ve been using Google+ for about two days now, and I have to say – I’m impressed. While they certainly still need to iron out a few things, I’m happy to see they’ve put some serious thought into polishing the social experience. While testing out some of their features, I noticed a “Feedback” button that appeared on the bottom right of all their pages. When I clicked it, I expected to see a fairly standard feedback form, where I could describe the problem, and then submit. Boy, was I wrong.

 In Google Plus, clicking the Feedback button provides the user with form, as well as feature that allows highlighting or blacking out content.

Sure, the feedback form was there – but they also added the ability to highlight or black out elements of the page. With the highlighting controls, you can easily point out the area you’re commenting about, while also providing additional information, if needed. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about privacy, no problem… just black out the information you consider sensitive. Altogether, I find this a refreshing new approach in the process of collecting user feedback, one that also has interesting possibilities. For example, Google could potentially compile statistics about the most highlighted page elements, which could give them a great high-level view of what people are talking about the most. Are they doing that? Who knows – I just know that I’d like having that data to work with, from a development perspective.

Multiple page elements can be highlighted or blacked out.

When using the feature, you can either hover your mouse over page elements, and Google will give you an easy way to select them, or, you can simply drag to create a rectangle of any shape.

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