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Understanding the Balloon

By July 11, 2011September 28th, 2014Humor

Every now and then, I find myself watching videos on YouTube. Usually, my intentions are very clear-cut – I want to watch a specific video, or check for new releases from one of my subscriptions. However, because of the way the site is designed, I sometimes find myself wandering from video to video, occasionally ending up pretty far from my origin. Today, I’d like to share one video I just-so-happened to stumble upon. The video features a cat named Nashville who is trying to understand a balloon, and was uploaded by a user named Myystical1.

The video itself is cute, but aside from that, is fairly ordinary considering everything else that exists on YouTube. That is, until you read the description:

Basically, this is a video of my cat (Nashville, or Nash for short) I filmed some years ago. In the opening sequence, Nashville is on my carpet playing with a yellow balloon. As the suspense heightens, it becomes clear to the viewer that something is going to transpire between the cat and the balloon. POP! The balloon pops, most likely due to puncture via a tooth, although one cannot rule out a claw as the culprit. As the video draws to a close, Nashville tries desperately to understand what has happened to his precious yellow balloon. The video ends on a note of uncertainty and despair, as Nashville comes to realize the consequences of his actions – he has destroyed something beautiful, and there is nothing he can do to bring it back. I am most proud of this video because of the profound character development in both Nashville and the balloon.

The author took what was a fairly simple video, and described the events as if they were part of an epic storyline, leading to a significant lesson in the life of his cat. I had a really good laugh reading that description, and thought some of you might enjoy it as well. I always appreciate seeing something simple explained in a very detailed, professional manner – it’s a special brand of comedy.

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