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One Way to Defeat YouTube Spoilers

By June 10, 2011April 16th, 2014Recommendations

For a while, the concept of a spoiler was fairly new to me. I knew exactly what it meant, but had never really seen what damage they could do firsthand. Then, in college, I once accidentally revealed a critical plot twist in the Max Payne 2 storyline. My friend’s disappointed reaction was enough to burn the moment in my mind, ensuring that I would never slip up again. I began to be extremely conscious about what I said, knowing that any information revealed on my part might impede the person’s ability to fully enjoy the media.

Currently, there are numerous solutions to help people deal with spoilers online – but the one I’d like to share today tailors specifically to YouTube videos. Meet – feed it a link to a YouTube video, and it’ll generate a link that can be used to show just the video, set to a black background. No comments, no related videos – nothing but the content, unhindered by visual distractions, and with no threat of spoilers. The link can then easily be shared, allowing users to send videos to each other without worrying about spoilers.

Try it out: NoSpoiler compared to YouTube

At first, I actually thought they were still loading YouTube, hiding all elements except the video – but it turned out to be even simpler than that. It looks like all they’re doing is taking the unique ID:

…and generating the required embed code to display a stand-alone YouTube player. Clever!


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