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June 2011

Personal Stories
June 24, 2011

We Value You Enough to Exploit You

I recently returned from a whopping two month stay in Atlanta, Georgia, where I lived with my sister. The trip, as a whole, proved extremely valuable - I had a lot of fun, and benefited from a refreshing change of atmosphere. I returned feeling better than I had in years, and that gave me a great boost towards beginning work as a freelance web developer. In fact, I am currently working full time on my own for-profit web application, one that I aim to release by the end of July. I'll likely write more about this project and my Atlanta experiences in a later post, but today, I have one negative (but amusing) Atlanta experience that I'd like to share. It lies in the fact…
June 10, 2011

One Way to Defeat YouTube Spoilers

For a while, the concept of a spoiler was fairly new to me. I knew exactly what it meant, but had never really seen what damage they could do firsthand. Then, in college, I once accidentally revealed a critical plot twist in the Max Payne 2 storyline.┬áMy friend's disappointed reaction was enough to burn the moment in my mind, ensuring that I would never slip up again. I began to be extremely conscious about what I said, knowing that any information revealed on my part might impede the person's ability to fully enjoy the media. Currently, there are numerous solutions to help people deal with spoilers online - but the one I'd like to share today tailors specifically to YouTube videos. Meet - feed…
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