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February 2011

Resistible Savings

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Here’s an amusing post I encountered over at, while looking for a cheap headset. At first glance, I was glad to see it was selling for less than the list price, but then I noticed exactly how much was being saved. I’m not sure whether this is a mistake, now that I think about it. I can see why it would be beneficial to show that all their items have savings applied, regardless of the amount. After all, it made me react positively, that is, until I noticed the amount saved. Either way, it appears the Americans get a better deal… blame Canada?

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Coupon Codes Made Easy

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As a guy who makes a good number of online purchases, I’ve grown familiar with the concept of coupon codes. Like their physical equivalents, coupon codes can be applied while checking out of certain stores, allowing customers to benefit from reduced prices. Unfortunately, online coupons are similar to physical coupons in that you must know about them to exploit their benefits. Thankfully, I discovered a solution to that a few years ago, greatly increasing my ability to take advantage of these coupons. Meet RetailMeNot, a site that encourages users to share coupon codes with the world. In the past, I was rarely able to partake in the coupon code mechanisms offered by retailers. RetailMeNot changed the game by introducing the possibility of searching for codes…

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