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December 2010

December 24, 2010

Internet Explorer 6 Crash Simulator

Ever find yourself missing the good old days of Internet Explorer 6? No? Well, me neither; however, if you want a mild chuckle, I suggest visiting this Internet Explorer 6 crash simulator: Glad we don't have to deal with that anymore. If, by some chance, you are still using Internet Explorer 6, I highly suggest installing an updated version, or selecting any other major browser listed on this Wikipedia page.
December 23, 2010

Working with Tab Stacks in Opera 11

Long ago, Opera used to be my browser of choice. I eventually migrated to Firefox, and now Google Chrome. It was always obvious to me that some of Chrome's features were highly influenced by Opera. Since Opera 11 was recently released with an intriguing new feature called "tab stacking", I thought I'd go over how it works. Consider this scenario: I have five tabs open. Let's assume I was working on a research project that somehow involved Beluga whales, sharks, and trout.  At the same time, the two remaining tabs have both my webpage, and my blog loaded. The underwater project has nothing to do with my personal website or blog, so I will use tab stacking to merge those three related tabs into one.…
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December 23, 2010

How Fear Can Keep You Writing

As I was searching for tools to help me with my general writing process, I found one that was particularly interesting, and worth sharing. Write or Die is an application that uses negative reinforcement to keep you typing. As long as you continue writing, you'll be fine... but if you stop, Write or Die starts to get aggressive. As a first step, it will start changing the background color of the window to red. As time passes, the red gets more intense. If you don't keep typing, and you let it get totally demonic, you will face one of three possible punishments, depending on your settings. The mildest of these punishments involves a simple pop-up, reminding you to type. Not really significant, as you just…
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December 13, 2010

Tab Management Shortcuts in Google Chrome

When I use a browser, I typically focus on using keyboard shortcuts, rather than the user interface. Since I've been using Google Chrome so often, I thought I would reveal the shortcuts that I've been using. Most of these shortcuts should work in other browsers as well, whether natively, or through the use of extensions. CTRL + T Opens a new tab in the current window. CTRL + SHIFT + T Opens the most recently closed tab. Chrome will actually remember the last ten tabs you closed, and work its way back in time with repeated keypresses. CTRL + W or CTRL + F4 Closes a tab in the current window. If you close the last remaining tab, the window will close as well. CTRL…
Personal Stories
December 8, 2010

Past Experiences from a Virtual World

I mentioned in a previous article that I used to play World of Warcraft, probably a total of seven months over six years. Though I rarely play anymore, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my more interesting and/or amusing experiences within the game. Before I begin, you should know that in most games, whenever I have the option to play a character that heals others, I take it. It is simply the function I enjoy the most. I like monitoring the health of others, healing them when they're getting attacked, saving them where they would have normally died. Some games, including World of Warcraft, allow you to resurrect dead players, another mechanic I enjoy. Overall, it's often a stressful…
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