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Introducing All Due Credit

By November 20, 2010May 29th, 2016News

When I write for this blog, I don’t always write a post from start to finish, and publish it immediately. Usually, I have to review it multiple times myself, and in certain cases, I decide I want someone else to take a look at it too. In these cases, I typically send the post to one of my friends first, and I await their feedback. At the end of the day, their input allows me to ensure that my content meets a certain standard of quality. Given the significance of their aid, I felt I needed a way to publically thank them, per post. Faced with that idea, I did what any WordPress user would do – I looked for a suitable plugin within WordPress’s fantastic plugin directory. Normally I find what I need there, but in this particular instance, I couldn’t. So, being a developer, I decided to go ahead and create a plugin to suit my needs.

Meet All Due Credit, the result of this effort. Released with a GPL2 license, All Due Credit allows bloggers to include a list of names along with any post. Each name is accompanied by a text label that reveals what the person’s role was. Additionally, a Gravatar (globally recognized avatar) can be associated along with every name.

Here’s an example that includes all labels:

All Due Credit

In my case, I only really needed “Reviewed by” and “Thanks to”, but I figured I’d take it a little further while I was at it.  Since releasing it, I’ve been actively using it on my blog, so you may notice it appear under certain posts. It is still pretty early in its implementation, but since I was already pleased that it met my requirements, I thought I’d give others the chance to use it as well. To reflect the work ahead, I originally released it as version 0.3, whereas I’m now up to 0.3.6. Once I consider it feature complete and stable, I’ll mark it as 1.0.0… but until then, I’ll be working on adding features and improving whatever it already does.

If you want more information about the plugin, make sure to check the project page on my website. To download it, or see how my work on it has been progressing, see the All Due Credit page in the plugin directory.

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