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Identifying a Font from an Image

By October 4, 2010January 3rd, 2011Recommendations, Tips & Tricks

Ever looked at a logo, and wondered what font the designer used? From an image alone, identifying the specific font can be difficult, particularly if it isn’t among those commonly seen on the web. Thankfully, a web service titled “WhatTheFont”  facilitates this very scenario, while also allowing users to buy the font, once identified.

The WhatTheFont web service allows users to identify the font used in an image.

Below are screenshots revealing how to use the service, with the Google logo uploaded as an example.

The Google logo as seen within WhatTheFont.

As the above image illustrates, the service is pretty good at identifying characters, but it isn’t perfect. It asks the user to identify specific letters, eliminating the risk of false assumptions. Once the user validation step is done, the search results are shown.

Google logo search results within WhatTheFont.

Clicking on any of the search results will bring up  a page dedicated to the font, where purchasing options are available. So, much like my previous post about reverse image lookups , this is an impressive website, both visually, and functionally. I recommend you try it out, especially if you’re into web development.

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