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Dragon*Con 2010: Costume Runner-ups

By September 26, 2010November 16th, 2012Costumes, Dragon*Con, Personal Stories

While I was choosing my top 5 favorite costumes from Dragon Con 2010, I realized there would be a few runner-ups. I decided to reveal the best of these runner-ups in this blog post, listed in no specific order.

Codex from The Guild

Codex from The GuildThe Guild is web-based show created by Felicia Day. It centers around the adventures of an odd group of gamers who are part of the same in-game guild. Needless to say, to truly appreciate the series, it is best if you have previous experience with MMORPGs. Felicia Day stars as Cyd Sherman, whose in-game character is named Codex. Codex can be seen briefly in the title screen of the series, but to get a clear idea of what she looks like, see her profile page at The Guild’s website.

Alan from The Hangover

Alan from The HangoverWhen I first spotted this guy, I was seriously wondering if he was the real actor, Zach Galifianakis. If you’ve seen The Hangover, you probably know what to expect.

To see what he looked like in the film, see the results of this Google Image Search.

After taking a photo with him, he told me the following:

“Remember, tigers like pepper.”

(Those who saw the movie will appreciate his comment)

Slayer of Bunnies

Slayer of BunniesAs I was leaving on the last day of Dragon Con, I spotted this girl – and had to take a picture. As far as I know, her costume isn’t a reference to anything specific. Seems to be purely creative, and for that, she gets bonus points.

From looking at the photo, you can tell that she killed a rabbit, and put its fur to good use – she made a hat, gloves, and boots. I definitely appreciated her sense of humor.

That concludes my blog posts about Dragon*Con 2010. For more costumes, feel free to browse through the 150+ photos I recently made available through Flickr.

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